Monday, Dec 20th - SOW Mission - Christmas Presents Delivery

Hi all @51Squadron, @Trainee, @Cipson, @ITA_WVoss, @SIG_Webber!

This Monday we’ve got some SOW Christmas Duty to fulfill!
Questo lunedì avremo alcuni compiti natalizi da svolgere su SOW!

Meet in TS at 2100LT for briefing (keep Discord ready in case of visual brief from HQ). For who’s able, join SOW server and reserve a slot. Do not enter cockpit until fully briefed. Further info about departure AF will come.
Appuntamento in TS alle 2100LT per il briefing (tenete pronto Discord in caso di visual briefing dal Comando). Per chi abile, entrate su SOW e bloccate uno slot. Non entrate in cockpit prima di aver ricevuto indicazione. Maggiori indicazioni riguardo l’aeroporto di partenza arriveranno in seguito.

Flights assignments and tasks will be provided shortly before mission.
Assegnazioni e task saranno specificati poco prima della missione.

Please report for duty in this thread!
Indicate le vostre disponibilità in questo thread!


Joker IN

Bug in

Chip IN

Shardana in!

Sounds like Fun

Snaches in

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Cappe in!

Gin in

Will do my best to be IN

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Storm out… Need to attend dinner with my brothers family.

Dedalo IN

Ritardo causa lavoro… per il secondo giro spero di arrivare

I am really sorry chaps, but i don’t feel good this evening, i spent most of the weekend working at school and the same today, Christmas holydays coming in and lots of work to do, i am not able to be in this evening and i am considering to take week on leave, i need to rest a little bit.

Sorry for the late communication but i arrived home 30 mins ago. :slight_smile:

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Magari fosse così Chip :joy::joy::joy: devo aspettare natale poi mi rilasso un attimo fino al 30.