Monday 31st, We change servers!

@51Squadron @41wing


A causa della chiusura del server di Storm of War, domani avremo i soliti giocatori dei server probabilmente divisi in due server, il nuovo 4YA (vecchi script di sow/missioni/presente il mosquito in più) e LFDM.
Dovrebbe essere meglio controllare prima 4YA poiché conosciamo già LFDM, quindi vedremo quale è il migliore per noi!

Ci vediamo domani sera alle 21/21.15.

Quindi, a tutti noi piace quando i voli e i pacchetti sono già preparati, quindi è meglio se vi segnate così possiamo prepararli e domani un parte del lavoro è fatto! SEGNATEVI!

Saluti e abbracci!



Due to the Storm of War server closing, tomorrow we will have usual players splitted probably in two servers, the new 4YA (old sow scripts/missions/mosquito present) and LFDM.
Shoud be better checking 4YA since we already know LFDM, then we will see which the best one for us!

See you at 21/21.15 tomorrow evening.

So, we all like when flights are already prepared, so better for you to sign up so we can prepare them.
Be advised!




Joker IN.

There Is the birthday of my daughter, i Hope in later…

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Shardana in

Dedalo IN

Don’t know yet, i’ll see if I can make up all the stairs to my game room. But don’t count on me.
Have fun all


Congrats with your daughters birthday. :partying_face:


Strale in

I’ll be late

Chip IN

Sei preparato a questo?

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I will probably be on around 20:00 or maybe even slightly earlier, flying on my server. Modern mission, but the mission that will be running does contain P-47’s and IIRC a Spitfire. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everything all right Rob??

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All is well M8, thank you, sitting with a smile on my face, think it’s the morphine. Haha
I am being well taken care of by my commander/wife/nurse.
Think I will buy her a sexy nurse uniform :sunglasses:


Rob, even with morphine!?!? :anguished:
What happened to you and how are you? :roll_eyes:

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Gin in

Hope u’re well! I hope to hear u tonight, done with morphine! :rofl:

By the way Storm in


Banzai in

As far as I can tell now, I’ll be in after choir so 2130\2200.
But I’ve got third vaccine dose yesterday so let’s see if I can make it actually :sunglasses:

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Bear in