Monday 15th of May signup

Ciao ragazzi!! @51Squadron @41wing

Questa sarebbe una figata partire con un tot di Mosquito e scorta e fare dei danni in Francia, pian piano stiamo risolvendo o mitigando i problemi di controllo col force feedback quindi siamo al 90% a posto. (Addirittura ieri @havebug ha infilato un tot di 20mm su un 109)

Se ben coordinati il Mosquito è una macchina micidiale, se abbiamo anche la scorta siamo a posto :grin:

Dalle 21.30 io sono in!! A stasera

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io ci sono, stesso orario


In latecomer

In, Mossie

Ok checked not it’s last mission 8 august if everything works (crash or server restart) mission should end at 22.00 CEST

so next mission will be an over the channel pre invasion 3 June

Allied briefing (Blue)

Button A for airfield traffic (124 MHz)
Button B for combat comms and GCI (127 MHz)
Button C is spare (131MHz)
Button D is spare (100MHz)

Mosquito home field radio preset Red-N (4.225MHz)


Protect daylight bomber raids. You will receive warnings when these attacks are inbound from southern England.

Use F10 radio to determine target status

TARGET 1: Ramrod 970. Coastwatcher radar station is at Cap de la Heve, north-west of Le Havre. Identify and bomb the radar head. It is vital to destroy this Coastwatcher station early on to avoid detection of our invasion fleet. (49° 30′ N, 0° 4′ E)

TARGET 2: A sea radar station at St. Vaast needs to be destroyed in preparation for the invasion (49°34′ N 1°16′ W). Focus on the radar antennas first, then on any targets of opportunity that you can find. Rocket attacks are advised.

TARGET 3: Deep intruder strike on Conches airfield. Bomb the runway and structures of Conches 48°56′ N 0°57’E.

OBJECTIVE 4 PHOTO RECCE: Command needs photos of the ground immediately south of the coastline between Les Moulins and Ouistreham. Use the 400 (PR) Sqn RCAF Spitfire at Needs Oar Point. Set your altimeter to read 30ft before takeoff. Follow the flightplan on your kneeboard. Fly between waypoints 3 and 9 at exactly 21,000ft and around 240mph IAS. Watch your vertical speed! Return to the same parking bay you took off from: it has the intelligence unit tent next to it.

ANTI-TRANSPORT PATROL: Fly an anti-transport sweep in the area between Caen and Lisieux, following the patrol zones drawn on the map. Lookout for trains and truck convoys and strafe everything that you see moving.

NAVAL PATROL: Naval supply convoys are moving East along the coast of southern England between Portland and the Isle of Wight. Patrol the area drawn on the map and protect our ships.

Plenty of time to plan properly!

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Wow, this is super helpful!
Nevertheless, I’ll be probably late-joiner anyway, 'cause I’ll be home around 10:15pm :unamused:

Maybe I’ll join as Jimmi’s navigator :relieved:

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Shardana in!

Io proporrei obj 3… armati di 4 bombe a mossie o se vogliamo proprio esagerare 2 bombe in pancia e 8 razzi (testa grossa) la quantita di danni potrebbero essere alti… il rischio è che bisogna fare sicuro due passate… per una passata propongo 4 bombe…

If it is a mosquito run, rockets and bombs for the two radar stations, KISS rule!

Beautiful Mission!!

4 out of 5 back home, bombed over target

Here ibanez and havebug over Need oar point preparing for landing

Aaaand here, the landing with sunrise


from my perspective (my mic was not recording):

1st part: takeoff

2nd part: attack run


3rd part: landing

Guardando le stat ho tirato giù 2 unità ieri sera…

Con buona possibilità abbiamo tirato noi giù il secondo obj

il primo video si chiude con @BANZAI_EAF51 che chiede a @Jimmi_EAF51 il “reading” dell’altimetro
…e @EAF51_Cappe: “non ha regolato l’altimetro!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

tutto registrato a beneficio della checklist :nerd_face:

In realtà avevo mosso il settaggio per sbaglio e non volevo controllare di nuovo nel briefing per non uscire dal cockpit… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dove si vedono le stats?
Io credo di aver buttato giù 3 o 4 nemici (ma sono stato abbattuto 2 volte), vorrei controllare…

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io ieri sera 2 ma una death e un bailout

tutti e 2 da pollo!

@Jimmi_EAF51 capito perché si usa il QNH? :relieved: :grimacing:
(è una questione tra me e lui :joy: )

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Name PvP kills AI kills Ground kills Naval kills Deaths Bailouts PvP kills/life Overall kills/life
EAF331_Oldboy 0 0 2 0 4 2 0,00 0,18
EAF51 Cappe 1 0 0 0 3 2 0,22 0,22
EAF51_BANZAI 3 0 0 0 1 1 1,30 1,30
EAF51_Havebug 10 1 3 0 8 3 1,01 1,24
EAF51_Ibanez 1 0 2 0 3 2 0,22 0,43
EAF51_Jimmi 6 0 0 0 6 2 0,79 0,79
EAF51_Shardana 1 1 2 0 3 5 0,18 0,50
EAF51_Snaches 1 0 2 0 1 0 0,50 1,00

Come da stat al 16/05 14:15