Monday 09 Gen 23 - supertraining


DWO campaign is about to start again! time to get back in air and check if everything works!

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licenses are suspended!

@41wing @51Squadron show yourself
Monday night 21.00 CET


Don’t know if it is clear, we need you to sign up here…anche @EAF51_Cirso anche se crede di non essere in grado! :grin:

Cappe in!

Sign here where?
I’m in, but from Jan 19th onward as I’m going back home only in the 18th…

I’ll be there! See you tomorrow!

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Bug in

Shardana in

Luft in

Guess we’ll focus on BoX then, correct @Jimmi_EAF51, @EAF51_Cappe?
I’m asking 'cause I’ve a friend who’s moving his first steps in DCS, he’s enjoying a lot and could be a potential recruit. Next time we fly DCS I could invite him to join us (he should be good with the basic handling of P-51).

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personally i would like more a DCS experience, but as a latecomer it’s all a little ruined…

anyway i see nothing move for the DWO campaing so i assume it will start next week or the week after…

@EAF51_Cappe ??

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Snaches in

Ho chiesto nel gruppo discord, di sicuro riparte ma non so se la prossima settimana o dopo ancora.

I have asked in the DWO discors channel when it’s due to restart.
For sure it will restart but i have no idea when.

I think we could make an easy restart this evening with a bit of training on il2 and fly together with DCS on thursday.

But of course we can do it in reverse and concentrate on il2 thursday, it is not a big deal to me since we can use both easily!

I’m waiting for confirmation from my friend. As far as I know ATM, he would join us from 10pm tonight.
In such case, we could plan something easy but nice on DCS (something like last time attacking Rouen harbour, or Argentan airfields, on 4YA) and he could fly with us.

What you think?? I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve his confimation, btw.


Polansky in

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My friend confirms he will be glad to join us tonight!
He’ll be online from 10pm, but we can do the planning stuff before.

@EAF51_Cappe, @Jimmi_EAF51, is it ok to make him try tonight and then he’ll possibly sign up in the forum, or you prefer him to make an account before?

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I’d like him to post and say hello :slightly_smiling_face:

Is DWO = BoX?
I’m flying tonight, but will stick to DCS.

Yes DWO is a once a week campaign organized by Finnish Virtual Pilots

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Not really done by them, it is done by our long Friends 102nd squadron and a Czech squadron.

It is hosted by Finnish of course.

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