Mon 25th RoF Mission

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On Leave:


blah blah blah

Why certainly…I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Im in.

do di do

di do di

Pleased to see you get a mission in Paf

I’m in! can I ask for Camel now?

Put me down for one, outside the hangar will do.


Can’t make it, working a late shift. :frowning:


You can count me in for this one.

Thanking you Brigs.


Its the typical 21:30 UK time, right? Its been a while …

It is

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Want to thank you all for the mission yesterday & especially Brigs who is keeping our little campaign up.
After such a long time no flying together with you mates, it was a great feeling again. Started to talk with you over TS several times until I remembered my mic was killed just a few hours before, hehe.
I have some free days and can afford staying up long enough. You know, the little ones have their probs every second night and getting sleep got my primary goal of life :wink:
This makes multiplayer-flying with you all more than abit difficult and I mainly keep to betatesting/SP since. The more it was great fun yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

NP Paf, it was a pleasure to have you along with us again. Lets hope you can fit a few more in

Stats are now up to date

Jojko is now a Captain after surviving into his 6th mission and leading the flight for the first time. Well done mate.


Oh great, I’m so happy :smiley: I know how to improve as a leader in the future, so hope you will not be disapointed with me… :banana:
Now the missions will be getting more and more dificult because I have so much to loose, and the crash of Baz in the last mission didn’t make any good on my morale :confused: