Trying to gather some missions here…

Made some low level flights over New Guinea. ( My NG DF MAP).

Operation Flashpoint…



In this mission you have to protect in coming bombers from possible enemy attacks.

In addition you have to stay pretty cool, in case you pilot a B17 or B24, when you approach and try to land on your destination airfield.

PS: I created this mission with UP 2.1 installed; Mission belongs into the /missions/net/coop folder.

PPS: Already amended this mission: added 2 more Mustangs; added 2 Hornisse 410; added AA; Bombers now on “Default” loadout, simulation on “Empty” took away onboard MG ammo; improved the mission description.

The Avenue

This .zip file contains 2 files: TheAvenue.mis and TheAvenue_ru.properties. Hope these 2 files make the mission work after d/l, cause I expected to get a TheAvenue.properties . Instead it is this TheAvenue_ru.properties thing.


](http://web120.germeshausen.de/IL2Missions/IL2 Missions.zip)

3 more missions

…they are coops…click the pics…

and an old D/F map of [b]New Guinea[/b]