Mission making probs

I am going to make a couple of missions to fill gaps in campaigns we are doing and it all carrier stuff.
How do i start a flight on carriers??, every time i click a flight over the carrier and go to the takeoff part of the box i blow up ingame and the rest start in the sea:( .
Any help is appreaciated.

You need to assign the first waypoint as a take off waypoint. Put it over the carrier. Then click “set” for this waypoint and assign the carrier as a target.

This is the same procedure for temporary runways.

rgr cheers, i’ll gie it a go.

This from Keets should work Dan as i did this for my Doolittle movie and had 10 B25’s taking off from it and wow tis fun :smiley:


Cheers guys that works, one more question, how do i rotate an object??

On the num pad Dan ie - the 8 4 6 2 keys or the arrow keys depending on your set up :o


Hell that was a fast reply, cheers dude.

Your most welcome mate. You need a helping hand let me know?


and 1, 3, 7 and 9 for smaller steps in the rotations.

There’s a good FMB guide here as well as a heap of other useful guides for the IL2 series.