Mission ideas.

Hi all,
If anyone has any ideas for things that they would like to do in missions? If you do can you post them here?

I’m happy to make small missions, big missions, multi-faceted ones. I’m really quite enjoying the mission building at the moment! I’m happy to include all aircraft, at the moment most things have been based around the Harrier and ground attack missions, we are gradually getting more functionality but it’s not that reliable online just yet. My concern is that the missions I have been putting together may get repetitive; which is why I have started to randomise elements, so the mission is different each time it is flown.

It would be good to know who has what maps too, I know most don’t have NTTR so I have been avoiding that one, but Normandy seems like a potential option; I know it will be a better option after next week once 2.5 hits the streets!



Having Mig-21’s coming in was actually quite fun, except our base was almost defenseless. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just been doing free flights on the NTTR area with the Harrier and I was hoping there might be a basic how to fly the harrier mission included. There isn’t any sea based carrier ops included either.

Anyone got any decent vid links on how to start flying her? What keys to setup etc

Thanks in advance

Lovely flying her, feels quite at home for some reason.

These should help Swoop.


Ye can confirm on Osprey’s post, the second link by Redkite and his other tutorials are very good Swoop, it’s where I kicked of, must admit cant get enough of flying her, so many different scenarios that you can do


If you’re able to get online with either myself or Red we can talk you through a lot of what we know of the Harrier so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks dudes

I’m a piston guy, so I will be the black sheep in this thurstclub. :roflmao:

Just give me a Spitfire with a 500lb bomb.

Okay then, a few rockets.

Never mind. A Stang with bombs or rockets!

Both aircraft is all I ask for. Some columns to strafe, some aircraft to intercept. Please no MiG-29s!

I can certainly add them, I’ve been including the Spitfire for Topsy. Aircraft interception wise, it may be a challenge! I’ll see what I can do! I’m waiting for 2.5 to be released on Wednesday before I make any new missions.

What about a postal mission to be made with either the spit or the pony?

3 take off - 3 lamdings plus navigation
with the log we could check
those pilots able to take off land and navigate without cooking engines!
that’s cpuld be a sort of basic combat ready for DCS SOW?

I can do that, it’s pretty simple but it would test navigation skills. My guess is that SoW will use the Normandy Map. The principle could apply to all aircraft (though some will be a lot easier than others)