Mission 19 decembre

I can only say that, in a very, very difficult mission, against good enemies in superior planes, good tactics and better position, all the 51 pilots flew like a real team.

Yes, we made mistakes. But Im proud to have you all in 51 and I feel honoured to lead you into battle.

Now get back to training, damn it! We all have a lot to improve, from the trainees to yours truly.


Todos nosotros “jóvenes” estamos dispuestos a trabajar duro para formar un grupo mejor!:cool:

oooooooooooo yeahhhhhhhhhhh Carlos, nice mission! Nothing else to say, yes we have to improve, but we made an excellent mission!!! :slight_smile:

Carlos, your words sound wonderful and are a precious encouragement for we all. I’ll do my best to improve my skill.

Don´t worry Gin, you have been lucky to join EAF in a time with Voss and Banzi, so you have the best T/Os out there.

And after holidays I will give thema hand with you all, if Voss think its ok.

You’re right Nepe when says that’s important flying SEOWs…
The one flew sunday’s night was perfect to test us…
Many many things for me to improve and many things learned during the mission.
Request from Voss to have good comms was fulfilled.
Seemed to be in a real battle.
I ask to expert pilots and T/Os to increase flight toghether to improve outselves.
Great organization.
Thanks to Voss that organized it!!!

100% agree

Practice practice practice…

Can’t wait for the next one…

S! all

We’ll see thursday night Cassa! I agree with you
Ithink that if we fly as many as sunday, and considered the great experience of sunday and yesterday in SEOW’s, we’ll be a very effective group!
I hope to see as many pilots as sunday, well, even more! :slight_smile:

If there is to work hard no problem. I know a lot of friends who can help while I party and drink all the nights to come :smiley:

It was enjoing and realistic. Doesn’t matter if we succede or not, important is to do it with class.

Much british, yes, much much british I am.


Well said Carlos! :ani_head: