@ mikke

Happy birthday my commander! :w00t:

Happy Birthday!!!:banana::banana:

Happy Birthay Mikke!!!

Hi Mikke happy birthday!!

Congratulations Mikke :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday boss!!! :ani_beer::holiday:

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

happy birthday to you! :banana::banana::banana:

Many happy returns Mikke​:beer::beer:

Happy Birthday Mikke

Sorry for my late arrival…

Happy Birthday Commander!

Happy B day Boss!:banana::banana::banana::banana::w00t:

Happy B-Day Mikke!

Did you reach the point where you don’t see the cake from all the candles?
If so, just buy your better half bigger baking tin and you’ll feel young again next year with extra cake for everyone. It’s a win-win and worked like a charm :smiley:

:roflmao: Sounds like you’ve tried it Cy! :smiley:

Actually no cake :o and no party, was busy at the indoor shooting range all weekend. On the bright side, my results is back up to what I hope them to be from the way to low level this summer at the Swedish and world championship. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Damn, sorry for being late to the party…my internet has not errr arrived in the new apartment I have moved into.

Grattis Mikke! :slight_smile:

Missed this one…opps …Happy belated Birthday Mikke and may all your shooting dreams come true :0

Grattis i efterskott Mikke…

Happy Birthday Mikke ----hope you had a happy birthday!