Mikke: BF2 weapons

We were talking about weapons realism Mikke and about leading and drop…

I can confirm both bullet-drop and the need to lead the target Mikke

I took a sniper rifle and checked very carefully that you need to lead a moving target, it was almost classically correct. A group of guys (offline AI) running slowly up a slope and I had calibrated the shots so I knew where the round ended up. Firing right at them missed every time with the bullets landing behind them - I gently squeezed the trigger leading the target by quite a bit (~200m) and I could see them getting hit as I was reloading. Very satisfying. But they will hunt you down :slight_smile:

Very hard to hit anything with the sniper rifle (with not much practice - I don’t like the sniper role) unless the target is not moving and you don’t have time to set up the scope in the field, so checking this stuff in an online game might be more difficult :slight_smile:

Shells from armour have beautiful drop and leading. Very good armour sim. If it was WW2 yes :slight_smile:


Sniping, is wonderful in BF’s all versions. You have always had to lead the target but the trajectory of bulllets are modelled more in BF2 than previous versions.

Snipers role is my favourite, it is great when you are good at it (and by good i mean the ability to get a head shot on a running soldier at least 150m away) Beleive me it is very satisfying ‘to reach out and touch somebody’ like that :wink: It is also totally annoying for your victim I have been capped by very good snipers before without a clue where it came from and dead on the first shot :mad: A good sniper can hold up a complete squad of troops. When i get broadband you will be able to find me perched on the top of the cranes in BF2 maps, tried it online last night but with a 44k dial up it told me to enter the 21st century :slight_smile:

You can have a go at sniper style shooting at Bisley ranges in surrey, there are many gun clubs and some of the best ranges in the country. I used to shoot rifle and pistol virtually every weekend until the government stupidly banned my pistols and took them away from me, i still shoot rifles occasionally but its nowhere near as much fun as practical pistol shooting. About the most fun you can have with a rifle is the ‘sniper school’ course of fire. Essentially you lay down 200m from the firing point and you have a 30m 'ish wide target area, in that target area a target pops up and is walked (at standard sort of walking pace) from left to right or vice versa then after 5 seconds or so it pops back down for a further 15 - 20 seconds when it pops back up again, you do that ten times then count the holes on the target. I have done that shoot a few times and can say that the target is probably 2ft across at the widest point and at walking pace that is about the lead you have to give the target to get a good hit somewhere in the head zone.

you will be able to find me perched on the top of the cranes

First place they look :slight_smile:

They’ll come and get you and if they can’t get at you they’ll order up an arty strike - no really mate. I had the sh*t pounded out of me last night (singleplayer)

Really weird seeing bots looking up at you <edges back from the lip>

Their commander can see you with the bloody UAV :slight_smile:

That beautiful blue watertower miles from the action in the seaside one with the television station, I sneaked up there by devious routes, opened up on one of em and 20 secs later - KABOOM! - and doesn’t the ground shake - scary, your visions blurring and the blood’s pounding in your ears… luverly grub :slight_smile:

I’m wandering around with my jaw on the floor at the shaders and the complex terrain - bloody amazing arenas in there


The trick with the crane is to avoid the top level, that way you get covered from artillery strikes by the floors above, or maybe i have just been lucky, time to go shoot some more i think :slight_smile:

Shells from armour have beautiful drop and leading. Very good armour sim. If it was WW2 yes

*Insight points at the tanks and anti tank guns in WWII Online


Lead, site adjustment for distance, shot drop :slight_smile:

Its WWII too :slight_smile:

Yep I was up a few floors but not at the top no. Arty doesn’t bring down the cranes but it shakes em up a bit :slight_smile:

Its WWII too

Don’t think for a moment that we haven’t noticed that Insight :slight_smile:

Yep that one sounds good too. You’ll be joining us when the BF2 Forgotten Hope mod is out I hope :slight_smile:



wassat then? wwii mod i assume.