Mike Hotel (WiP)

Hmm - seem to have edited the original post - not added progress. Reinstate post (changed text)

A friend recently sold her glider, and wants a portrait of the aircraft

Pastel on card, approx 60cm x 80cm (24" x 32")

Introducing the main subject of the painting - Mike Hotel herself (sic)

Good! Compliment Painter. :slight_smile:

Thanks Blitz

The picture is now with my client

Nice job Painter, I see it is on quite a large canvas as I have just started painting I haven’t graduated out of the 8"X 10" yet. :o

Thanks Osprey
Personally, I find pastel as easy on larger ‘canvases’ as on small - sometimes easier. The limiting factors are cost of framing, and the self supporting strength (or weakness) of picture glass.

Liquid media, I can handle on smaller surfaces, though my style does not suit miniature work.