Message from Duke

S! All.
I am Duke_eaf322. You can find me in the 322 personnel section. Listed as a retired pilot. I played the EAW game in 2000/2001. The EAW total mayhem sessions were fun. And as I recall we also did coop missions. Fun and exciting!
Now I discovered flying IL2. As you all did years ago. It took some time to get all the necessary bits to join as an IL2 AEP 4.02m pilot. Because they are out of stock everywhere. But now I have them and can join the EAF again. Because I did not know about the changes from 274 sqn to 322 sqn my call sign is wrong. But I’m sure Mikke will correct that. I regard the EAF as serious, professional and most of all nice people:cool: . And very good fighter pilots. As a fighter pilot myself I love to fly but my weak spot (anyway, one of them) is aiming. I get shot down myself with one bullit or so and often need a zillion to shoot someone down myself. Or damage him a little bit. I will work on that. So don’t worry about your six. Keep on flying. Not too fast. And in a straight line.

All the best and see you in the air soon!


Welcome back Duke :slight_smile:

Hey Duke,

welcome back!
See you in the air soon :slight_smile:

I see you’re on 4.02 now. We are playing at 4.05 at the moment.
But in November there will be a DVD-release from UbiSoft with everything (Il2FB+AEP+PF+Pe2 Addon+Manchurai Addon + 1946 Addon)included and patched to 4.07.

Because Pe2 Addon (4.05) was a Pay-Addon, not everybody on Hyperlobby uses it and still plays at 4.04. Therefor you should patch your version to 4.04 and you will see some servers supporting 4.04. For example “UK_dedicated 1”

Nice to see you back Duke :slight_smile:

(also a year 2000 EAF joiner :wink: )

Welcome back Duke!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Paf. I was mistaken. I’m currently on 4.04m. I will try to get the 4.05 update. If that is not possible then I will have to wait untill november.

Welcome Back Duke, glad you made it, look forward to flying with you.:smiley:


Welcome back matey. :ani_beer:


Hello Duke, remember you from the roster a long time ago. Welcome back.

Callsign changed to 322.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Hello Duke,

Nice to hear youre back :slight_smile:
Never had the change to meet you in your old EAF days, but looking forward to it know :slight_smile:

Like Paf said, patch it up to 4.04 and get the dvd in november. When you have questions about this and other things, don’t be afraid to ask :slight_smile:


Thanks to all you guys for the welcome and good advice. It is like a warm shower.

Mikke thanks for resetting to my old callsign.

I’am happy to tell that I managed to get the 4.05 update.

hope to see you in the air soon.
Monday 20.00 hours ?


Welcome back Duke.

Like the old man I am from a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to send you the welcome mail yesterday. Tonight Ill send it :slight_smile: And yes, training nights are like in EAW days, monday and thursday nights.

Ah, to be new again!

Welcome back Duke, I hope to meet you soon