Med Dgen files on offer

Recently there was an Italian DGen campaign available for download which I’ve been editing shamelessly to allow an RAF campaign. I’ve done the same with the ‘Tunisia’ part. I’ve also took some desert DGen files from TLD and edited them to allow an RAF campaign from June 1941 to November 1942. Finally I took the Crimea map and used it as the basis for an RAF campaign against ‘Sicily’ and used another East Front map to simulate a 1943-44 Italian mainland campaign. The downside is that I havent yet figured out how to eliminate red stars from appearing on some of the a.i. The upside is that you have a full off-line RAF Mediterranean campaign covering 1941 to 1945. There’s also a US, LW, It and Free French version included. All you have to do is drop all the files into your DGen folder. Anyone interested I’ll mail it to you. Also open to suggestions regarding any glitches etc.