Massive ROF Sale

Just in time for Christmas! :smiley:

Hi all just popping in to see what your all up to. Happy new year!

Do you guys still actively fly RoF or have you all moved to CoD now? If you don’t play RoF is there a good multiplayer community so I can just join in? Also is it worth buying the IC edition or initially get the free2play version and just buy extra planes as I want them - is there any advantage?

Thanks in advance


Hi there Sterling! Nice to hear from an ex-602 pilot!

We’re flying all three sims now - Il-2 1946 (with mods) as the ‘main’ one, with some flying RoF too and folks on CloD.

Currently about to start a big online MP SEOW in Il-2 1946 in Stalingrad.

I got the RoF Iron Cross edition from Gamersgate to begin with and then kept adding to the flyables whenever there was a big sale on at the store - but there are fairly reasonable anyway ($7.92?) and some are so much bloody fun (two seat Brisfit!) that you can quickly build up a bigger hangar…

Come and say hi on the 602 forum if you thinking about jumping back online!

Hello Matt

Good to see you dropping in

In response to your questions
There is a core of EAF that are playing RoF and CoD.
I’ve totally dropped IL2 now as have a few of us.

For RoF, my advice is to get the free download and add a Pup to your stable and then join us on a Monday night.
On Mondays we are running a No46 COOP campaign with manual Stats.

If you get the free version and add the pup it’ll only cost you a cuple of quid and will be enough to get online with us in the campaign.

…and if your current PC is up to it we’re also running a Historical day by day BoB campaign in CoD.

Sterling, Good to see you mate :slight_smile:

Hope everything is ok.

Hi guys thanks for the advice, have loaded the game up and am addicted to it but I’m getting shot down left, right and centre, not sure if I need to lower my gfx slightly for online play as it was making it slightly juttery as I was ‘attempting’ to shoot down enemy aircraft. Unfortunately, I can’t run CLoD as my computer is to old but the girlfriend is aware of this and an upgrade should be on the cards later this year hopefully. My flying name is Ryder4 if any of you see me flying.


Hey Matt good to hear from you again.

I’m a new addict of Rof and the Monday RoF campaign 92 are running is like the coops of old, action and war stories every mission…if you survive!! It’s quality flying with a Squadron of lads (piss takers) and what it’s really all about. Get the Pup and then when you make an Ace get a Camel (if you want) great fun.

Been a big fan boy of Cod and spent far to many hours flying it but now its being dropped it’s pushed me further into flying RoF. Keet’s Thursday CoD BoB missions are excellent if you get the pc up to spec. Il2 will work of course and has many changes with the HSFX mod and I hope to dip my toes again.


Get yourself online with us on a Monday.
Let me know Matt and I’ll put a slot in for you.

You only need the Pup to join.