March TF update

A new model was shown and it’s believed to be this -

Which means carriers :slight_smile:

Check out the new British landscape in the vid -


Thread here -

Looks like next month’s update will include more from the new patch…its got to be North Africa/Malta??

TF just confirmed there is a 109F and the relevant spitfires and hurricanes to match it in patch 5. Thought as much but nice to know.

Check out the latest update of Team Fusion.

To bad the progress is so slowly, can’t wait to put some .50’s into a oneOnine :slight_smile:

Thanks Pax, love the P40 and the 50cals

From Buzzzsaw, TF Leadership:

Everything we do is subject to the demands of real life and everyone needs to remember the key phrase: “Sh*t Happens”.

There are NO deadlines and NO Guarantees.

What we have announced to this point which SHOULD be flyable for TF 5.0 is as follows:

Wellington IA
Bf-108 Taifun
Tiger Moth with guns and bombs
Blenheim IV with wing bombs added, plus twin Browning rear turret
Bf-109E-7 and E-7NZ
Bf-109F… no details on exact model(s) have yet been released
Spitfire(s) comparable era as 109E-7 and F no details on exact models released yet
Hurricane(s) comparable era as 109E-7 and F no details on exact models released yet

What we have announced we are working on as well… whether they are ready or not for TF 5.0… difficult to say.

Beaufighter IF/IC
Fiat CR-42
Gloster Gladiator

plus several other aircraft which we haven’t mentioned.

There are also quite a number of ships and vehicles, some of which are complete, some in progress, some have been seen in updates some not.

And of course, the map(s)… Which we are not saying anything about.

Wait for MP’s updates for details.



Great…this will be a very big, wonderful and refreshing patch! :cool: :cool: :cool: