Man that was fun

I enjoyed it alot. yes yes no yes yes all all all all… :smiley: …hopefully we do this again very soon… cite Splash: :smiley: : “Hey, the moment we’re ready with this 8Min 9kb download of Vikings Omaha …is the moment the map will change”…“hello?!!” hahaha…hey what was the value of Punkbuster again? oh yes and repeat the IP again…missed that tiny part of information :D.
How exactly did you type in the colon? …hahaha… Hey!! I exactly know what a f****** b******* colon is!!!

What an incredible amount of Patience Keets…wunderbar!!

I enjoyed it…thx Splash Keets Ming!!!

EGF*Hiaw out

Thanks Hiawatha!

A real UK Battlegroup home-coming for me it was great fun :slight_smile:

Yep thanks for your patience Keets you’re a saint mate…

Maybe I can get the dedicated server working for CoDUO - with this new connection: you’re getting yours going so no rush though. Call me a lazy sod would you :slight_smile:

“Call me a taxi”

“Ok man will do. You are a taxi?”

That Berlin map wow, lots more beautiful maps in there too. Very enjoyable session thanks all


Guys 1 of the maps we dl yesterday must have been faulty. Tried to launch the game today and always got the message: cant find default.cfg…no matter what I did always the same…several reinstallations of the game…eventually: game launched fine …but…after adding the new maps of yesterday: same error again!! I threw out: Race, OmahaViking, Adlerstein and Carcasson…1 of them was faulty…which 1 I don’t know…

I searched the internet a bit and found out, that the above error message indicates the problem of not having the game installed on drive c: , in fact that is the case here as well. 1 of the dl pk3s probably has a command in it pointing to drive c: and thus (hence) leads to the error message.

Anyway I enjoyed the evening alot and hopefully we play again soon.

@ Keets (Switch on apology mode)
Sorry m8 I didn’t mean to sound off as Hia had stated above :o . It was a good night with lubricating my shaft and hear you lot laughing at Mrs Splash etc.

As Hia said we must do it again soon!!!

Splash :banana:

PS In COD I can’t work out the pauses, had no problems two days before. Would I get the same effect in offline mode? (I don’t) Turning down the settings in the grahics didn’t work either, that’s why I think it’s Punkbuster. :rolleyes:

Connection monitor/datalogger

That might help Splash with finding out if it’s a connection problem or a system problem? Looks useful anyway to monitor the porn pipe :slight_smile:

If the connection monitor saw a spike at the same time as you lagged, not sure how you’d set that up. Not something running in the background, some disable-able Service or somesuch

Could be server-side problem if you don’t get these pauses in FB?


Sorry m8 I didn’t mean to sound off

LOL - I was too pissed to notice. :slight_smile:

So much for a sensible night… was it really 3.20am when we jacked it in?

I was in a state when I finally came round on Saturday morning.

The initial plan was I’d be up early, get the downstairs cleared so I get a good start on putting the wood floor down. At 10am I was still in no fit state.

Brilliant time though, just like a Friday night should be.

BTW Splash, I always like to grease my shaft before a session. :roflmao:

I bounced out of bed at 0800hrs

And then again at 1000hrs and 1200hrs :slight_smile:

Hair of the dog laddie I’m almost there again now. Constitution of an otter :slight_smile: