Malta Spits part II

Second part of a skin pack representing Spitfire MkVb (Trop) and Spitfire MkVc (Trop) as flown from the besieged island of Malta during the dark days of 1942.
Six more aircraft included.

Spitfire MkVc AB264 GN-H 249 Sqn, Takali, March 1942.bmp

Spitfire MkVc BP964 X-1, 126 Sqn, Luqa, April 1942.bmp

Spitfire MkVc BR126 3-X, 126 Sqn, Luqa, May 1942.bmp

Spitfire MkVc BR246 B, 249 Sqn, Takali, June 1942.bmp

Spitfire MkVc EP691 X-A, 229 Sqn, Takali, Oct 1942.bmp

Spitfire MkVc EP717 D-V, 1435 Sqn, Luqa, Oct 1942.bmp

Also in the zip are roundel versions and tail flash only versions

Made with Robos base template with FBS Mech layer from his VIII (cheers mate), some weathering from Jesters Seafire (again thx), rest by me

Uploaded in the ‘Themed Skin Pack’ section of M4T and