Making Missions with AI ?

Ok peeps i turn to you for your expert help (Not Richy :rolleyes: )

I am in the throes of making a movie involving B24’s on a major bombing mission but am having trouble making the darn things flyable in some of the maps i am making i know it is supposed to be easy but i am struggling with even the basics of this :mad:

A little tiny bit of help would be appreciated in simple laymam terms :confused:

Cheers in advance :rolleyes:

Techy :cool:

Do you mean making the B24’s flyable? They’re AI only. Though there is a way in a DF mission to make it so you can control them from external views.

If you’re mean making the B24’s appear in a mission and fly from point A to B.

Fire up the FMB. Select the map you want. Go to View object - Aircraft - select B24J… Then clock on the map and press insert.

That should deposit one B-24 on a point on the map. If you want them to wear cerain skins, you can do that by looking at the properties and each aircraft individually.

Here’s a basic mission with a flight of 4 B-24’s flying from waypoint 0 to waypoint 1. Click me

Yeah its the DF flyable that i am after Keets as i have a few things i need to do with the B24 under human control. I did have a link to how to do this but yes you guessed it i lost it when i re-installed me sysyem :confused:

Wot A Plonker :rolleyes:

Techy :cool:

Tully’s post over at the zoo here covers it

AI aircraft are flyable only in Dogfight mode multiplayer missions. To fly them you need to be runing/joining a server set up for Dogfight mode missions, the “No External Views” difficulty setting needs to be turned off, and the mission file loaded on the server needs to be manually modified to include the AI aircraft you wish to fly. On joining the server you need to select a flyable aircraft and click fly so that you spawn in the flyable before you can ESC and reselect an AI aircraft. If you skip this step you will not have control when you spawn in an AI aircraft.

To edit the mission files, you need to have a finished DF mission file first. If you open it in the Full Mission Builder after adding the AI aircraft the FMB will automatically delete them again. The desired AI aircraft designations (along with at least one flyable) need to be added to the list at each base where you want AI aircraft to be available.

Here is a list of the AI designations.