Madrid Meet Up Pics

Nepe and my friend Gaz helping me stand ! Just kidding I was fine. Ask Nepes !

Picture Inside Ground on our tour

Even a Sql needs some R&R :wink:

Picture of Real Madrid just before kick off from my seat. Hope gives a feel for how good our seats were.

And obviously Falkirks Trophy Room…ooops sorry Real Madrids Trophy room :w00t:

Red X here… :wink:

wierd showing lovely on mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they will appear later…If not…Flowbee ! :eek: :roflmao:

Good pics scotty, great seats for the game.

Working now. :slight_smile:

Very nice pics! :slight_smile:

And great seats! Looks so close to the field.

But was it cold there in Madrid?
(because you are not wearing the kilts? :slight_smile: )

arent we beautiful? :p:p

Thanks for the pics Scotty!!

Hey ,

where is the pics from the Strip Bar ??? :rolleyes: :bootyshk:


We did talk wearing kilts but its a big hassle when fly and wear them. So much metal on belts and buckles so you get no end of problems with metal detectors ! :bootyshk:

As for strip bars, it is a city of Culture we were looking at the museums and art galleries …send me £5 and will send a few more dodgy pics ! :roflmao: