Lunedì 25 Aprile, per chi c'è, training!

'Giorno piloti!! @51Squadron @41wing @Trainee
Per chi ci sarà questa sera (ricordo agli amici dall’estero che da noi il 25 Aprile è la giornata di festa per la liberazione dal nazifascismo, quindi siamo tutti a casa o in giro)…abbiamo in programma un paio di cose.

Ovviamente per i TO e i tacchini disponibili, ci sarà sicuramente qualcuno che ha bisogno di training specifico, io avevo parlato con Rasuro i giorni scorsi, per cui penso passeremo la parte iniziale della serata assieme in volo.

Joker proponeva per gli altri di andare con una certa “leggerezza” d’animo dentro a No20 Server che si sta dimostrando pieno di azione e ben strutturato, sia per la tipologia di missioni che la presenza di players nel server! In più siamo stati citati più volte, @EAF51_Havebug potrà confermare, come gruppo affiatato e solido, insomma, farsi vedere e passare una sera da loro non sarebbe una scelta malvagia!!

A stasera, 21 in TS!


Morning officers!! @ 51Squadron @ 41wing @Trainee
For those who will be there tonight (I remind friends from abroad that April 25 is the day of celebration for the liberation from Nazi-fascism in Italy, so we are all at home or out and about with friends) … we have a couple of things planned.

Obviously for the TOs and the trainees available, there will certainly be someone who needs specific training, I had talked to Rasuro the last few days, so I think we will spend the initial part of the evening together in flight.

Joker proposed for others to go with a certain “lightness” of mind inside No20 Server which is proving to be full of action and well structured, both for the type of missions and the presence of players in the server! In addition we have been mentioned several times on their discors, @ EAF51_Havebug will be able to confirm, as a solid and big squadron, in short, being there and spending an evening with them would not be a bad choice!!

See you tonight, 21 on TS!


Joker IN, disponibile per training ad hoc e/o situazionale sul No. 20 Squadron server.

confermo, confermo…

stasera dovrei esserci, ma in ritardo

In, to see if my problems have been solved.

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Stasera dovrei esserci anche io

Rasuro IN

Ci sarò! Sorry for being late! :slightly_smiling_face:

ponamsky in

Uno nuovo? :joy:


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Thumbs up for the No20 server. :smiley:
As I was short on time as usual I started from France, brought a bomb on my Spit on the first go, but saw AAA over friendly territory, so I ditched it over the sea, and turned in to investigate. I think the plane that made the AAA shoot went down, but soon after I found a 190D. Turned in after it, but lost it. Instead I found a 109 that the AAA got hits on. I turned in after that, and got a few hits on it at long distance, managed to close the distance (it was smoking thanks to the AAA), and when I was getting closer it suddenly lost speed fast and I got to close so I lost a wing. I tried to bail, but was too low. :frowning:
Second go, no bomb this time, so of course I didn’t find any flying enemies. I flew down to St Lo. Found something on the ground where the enemy was supposed to have stores, so I attacked, and made something burn. Noticed that they where shooting back at me from a wooden tower, so I attacked that and got credit for killing an unarmed, but how could he shoot at me if he was unarmed? :rofl:
Did some more attacks on ground targets, but nothing successful, and I ran out of cannon ammo, so I turned for home, in a round-about way. Got back to base and landed successfully, so 2 take-offs and 1 landing. Not exactly stellar performance, but…


This afternoon until the evening, I flew on No.20 with my old friend VOSS and later Havebug was added.
We did several missions both A/G on the depots, and A/A escorting the B-17 from the middle of the English Channel, until bombing the 2 Axis depots and on Caen, where I left them to land, bringing home a fair success of over 100 points.
Tonight, seeing the evening “free” I replicated entering the server rather early and ending the evening still with a score above 100 points.
Funny server, where it counts to bring home the plane and the pilot even without doing kill!


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Scusa Chip, ma la “serata free” col post "per chi c’è training " è un ossimoro vero?
No perché se uno non vuol volare con noi per fare altro va bene, ma dire che è perché c’è serata free quando c’è il post per fare training, anche se si va a farlo combat in un server, strutturando i voli, facendoli lavorare in teams per poi riportare il know how in missione tipo giovedì, a me non sembra serata free.

Per chi c’è era riferito al fatto che ieri fosse festa e magari le persone si godute la giornata libera in famiglia, non che non ci fosse nulla da fare, mi sembra ovvio.

Detto questo, visto che abbiamo fatto le stesse cose, perché non rimanere a volare col proprio gruppo nelle serate ufficiali? :thinking::roll_eyes:

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Rispondo nel forum privato in tactics.

I have few addition from the yesterday flight I want to share:

  1. Please be aware that AI (probably due to a higher ping with US server) is prone to lagging when closely engaged. So, do not get confused with some unfair player. It’s the AI, and will be fixed whit new upcoming FM.

  2. During the escort in the afternoon, we noticed also that B17s waypoints do not follow a clear path, after bombing we saw some of them flying back and forth few times before heading home. I guess it is the mission file and probably reported to the team.