Low Level Hell (Book)

Hugh L. mills jr. with Robert A.Anderson - LOW LEVEL HELL: A scout pilot in the Big Red One - Presidio publishing 1992

This is one of the best war book I ever read. It seem to be reading a novel, but everything is absolutely a true story.

“Low Level Hell” is the motto printed on the shoulder patch of the aeroscout of 1st Infantry Division. Their pilolots operate OH-6 Loach in Vietnam, flying very low and slow, aerial eyes of the division in search of enemies, and marking targets for Copra assault copters. Those pilots were very young (19-22 yo) and made amazing and incredible things over the skyes in Vietnam, prolonging the tradition of the US Cavalry nowadays.

The author, Hugh L. Mills Jr., served two tours in Vietnam as a scout platoon leader, and one as AH-1 Cobra gunship pilot. He was shot down sixteen times (!!), wounded three times, and earned an impressive collection of decorations for valour, including three Silver Stars, four Distinguish Flying Crosses, and three Bronze Stars with V devices.

His descriptions of the pilot’s feeling from the cockpit are really breathtaking and absolutely worth to be read: there were moments I was not able to stop reading the book, even if it was very late in the night! A MUST READ, definetly|