Lots of Fun!

Thanks Baz, Stuntman and a special thanks to Jo for showing me the ins and outs of this flight sim.
I had a great time flying with Jo vs Baz and Stunt. Thought I was able to hold my own, until I realized the caliber of Joiko’s piloting, when myself and Baz took him on…we had just discussed the superiority of the German planes when Jo downed us numerous times in a 2 v 1. We were in Phaltz D? And he was in an SE5.
A very nice demonstration of energy tactics, that I thought wasn’t possible in this sim… Thanks for the lesson Jo. Nice to observe it. I did however manage to down Jo. I found his weakness!
When I couldn’t outmaneuver or out gun him, I simply rammed his plane. :).

I’ll gladly fly with you again Jo. Will let you know when I have some time off.


Yesterday we had tons of fun in Rise of Flight and it makes me very happy to see poeple enjoying this flight sim. I hope we will do many flights in future and I’m sure when you get more skill in any plane, you can do lots of damage to anyone. Thank you guys very much and I’ll write here when I find some gap in my schedule. All pilots are velcome!!!

PS: Apollo and Stuntman showed natural talent for this sim and Baz did well too. I’m realy happy :banana:

I can fly today if anyone has time…

sorry I’m not able to fly today.