Lost Avatar pics on EAF forum?

I can’t see peoples avatars in our forums, just a small black box with a X in it. Anyone else??

Yup. I think Mikke has moved forums to new server or hardware?

You can’t add custom pics anymore.

No move of the server, but I upgraded the forum software about a week ago.

Where did you have the pictures stored?

Looks like it was broken somehow with the update. Will investigate when I have time over.

I’ve tried investigating this further, but the only solution I have for those with avatar problems is that you set a new avatar picture, it needs to be .jpg, .gif or .png, size shown will be 80x80, and the maximum size is 20000Bytes, so resize it first!

Doesn’t seem to work yet Mikke…Though I kept to the parameters i think.

Signature implementation of the avatar works fine as you can see…

It’s strange because it works for me and some others, and as far as I can remember I have used the forums standard way.

Another thing that might be an issue, spaces in the file names! Try uploading your avatar again, but first make sure you only have “normal” letters in it’s name, no spaces and no language specific letters.

Mikke i can’t see any Avatar!
even yours (wich i imagine was uploaded with the right settings…)
so there must be another problem elsewhere!

I cant even get my signature to work lol.

Now that’s even more strange! I can see mine as well as yours. :confused:

Have you tried emptying your browser cache and reload? What browser are you on?

Strange, they show up (some of them) in Google Chrome, but in IE11 I don’t see any of them…

it’s a long time that they are missing!
I thought you were just too busy to sort it out!

here is how i see it on a mac
eft to right safari (logged in the one i use normally) chrome firefox (both unlogged)

I have no idea what’s causing this. I see some avatars on Chrome at work, none with old IE11 at work, now none with Chrome at home and none in MS Edge.
I have looked in the settings for vBulletin, and can’t find anything that could cause it, if it’s related to vBulletin it’s hidden somewhere in the code.

And that reminds me, I have to update the forum software to the latest version!

Well, updating the forum software doesn’t seem to have helped…

I’m waiting for my plane and reading the forum on my phone and suddenly I realize that I can see all the pictures! Is it just me on my phone, or does it work for the rest of you as well?

Puffs Sig picture looks huge btw! :roflmao:

Yes, works 100% for me now! Do the rest of you also see the pics?

A-firm pics visible sir!

good work