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One of my good friends is carrying out research for a film that will have some scenes depicting the Regia Aeronautica and needs some advice on historical accuracy.

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He needs to know what Italian RA units would have been flying against the British in July to Nov 1940 on the Libya Egyptian front (not Malta). Do you know of any skins for these aircraft?

He would also like information and skins of aircraft known to have been involved in the air war over Greece from November 1940 to March 1941.


Redthorn have a lot of skin, 1200 i suppose; wait for Red post Joe.

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www.eaf51.org / To Public Download Area / HYSTORICAL SKIN DOWNLOAD :smiley:

and http://www.150gct.it/modules.php?name=WLFiles
or http://www.150gct.it/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=36

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Errata corrige: Redthorn have 21000 skin!!! :o


I’m Joe 90’s friend. I’ve done some research ON RA on Libyan-Egyptian front. Below are units and individuals which were involved, which are of interest to me:

Breda BR65’s of the 159a Squadriglia

A Breda (10° Gruppo, 50° Stormo??)

A Cr-42 of unknown Squadriglia, 10° Gruppo, 4° Stormo

The CR-42 flown by Italian ace Tenente Franco Lucchini of 90a Squadriglia, 10° Gruppo, 4° Stormo in August 1940

CR-42s from 9° and 10° Gruppi of 4° Stormo includiing CR42 flown by Maresciallo Norino Renzi when Renzi was shot down on 8 August 1940.

I’m also interested in other skins/acft for the times and locations mentioned in Joe’s post…Egypt-Libya and Greece

Thanks all, and welcome to the EAF forum, Wiley.

Hi Joe,

Have a glance in here, http://www.finn.it/regia/html/seconda_guerra_mondiale.htm
it is italian/english written, and there is interesting stuff in it.

And about Nord Africa, here below there is a partial list of the Italians’ squadrons deployment at the beginning of the war

Libya - Ovest

Headquarther Tripoli.

1° Gruppo Aviazione Presidio Coloniale, Caproni Ca.309 (Mellaha) (Hon)
122° Squadriglia Osservazione Aerea, IMAM Ro.37bis (Mellaha)
136° Squadriglia Osservazione Aerea, IMAM Ro.37bis (Tripoli)
2° Stormo Caccia Terrestre, Fiat C.R.42 (Bin Gashir)
13° Gruppo (Bin Gashir)
15° Stormo Bombardamento Terrestre (Tarhuna)
46° Gruppo, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 (Tarhuna)
47° Gruppo, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 (Tarhuna)
33° Stormo Bombardieri Terrestri (Bir el Bhera)
35° Gruppo, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 (Bir el Bhera)
50° Stormo d’Assalto, (Sorman)
12° Gruppo Assalto, Breda Ba.65 (Sorman)
16° Gruppo Assalto, Caproni Ca.310bis (Sorman)
37° Gruppo, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 (Bir el Bhera)

Libya - Est

Headquarther Bengasi.

2° Gruppo Aviazione Presidio Coloniale, Caproni Ca.309 (El Adem)
127° Squadriglia Osservazione Aerea, IMAM Ro.37bis (El Adem)
137° Squadriglia Osservazione Aerea, IMAM Ro.37bis (El Adem)
13° Divisione Aerea Pegaso (Bengasi)
10° Stormo Bombardieri (Benin)
30° Gruppo Bombardieri, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 (Benin)
32° Gruppo Bombardieri, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 (Benin)
14° Stormo Bombardieri (El Adem)
44° Gruppo Bombardieri, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.81 (El Adem)
45° Gruppo Bombardieri, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.81 (El Adem)
14° Brigata Aerea Rex (Tobruk)
8° Gruppo Caccia, Fiat C.R.32 (El Adem)
10° Gruppo Autonomo Caccia, Fiat C.R.32 (El Adem

…and here below a further list of squadrons who fought in Nord Africa, unfortunately their deployment is (to me) unknown

20° Squadriglia
21° Squadriglia
22° Squadriglia
43° Squadriglia
53° Squadriglia
54° Squadriglia
55° Squadriglia
56° Squadriglia
57° Squadriglia
58° Squadriglia
77° Squadriglia
78° Squadriglia
82° Squadriglia
84° Squadriglia
90° Squadriglia
91° Squadriglia
92° Squadriglia
93° Squadriglia
94° Squadriglia
159° Squadriglia
160° Squadriglia

I am now looking for historically accurate skins, for which I have some information.

91a Sq, 10° Gr - I am told that Lucchini flew a very similar acft, but with 90 on the side and an unknown number; 90 Sq had an elephant on the wheel spat.

96a Sq, 9° Gr. The “Gamba di ferro” (Iron leg) on the fin and the horse on the side may indicate 96Sq and the horse may mean 9° Gr. Could someone clarify?

I think maybe Maresciallo Norino Renzi of 73 Squadriglia could have flown an aircraft such as below, with the changes indicated. He was apparently in 73 Squadriglia of 9°Gr or 10°Gr. Can anyone clarify?

Can anyone direct me to a link where I might get correct skins of these aircraft?

I’m also looking for a skin of an SM79 from 253a Squadriglia, 104° Gruppo B.T. flown by Tenente Andrea Berlingieri. I think this would be close:

I’m also looking for any skin of any G50 from 351 Sq 24° Gruppo C.T, flown over Greece in March 1941. This would seem appropriate:

Thanks for any assistance.

I’ve learned that the horse emblem on the fuselage indicates 4° Stormo, so both 9° Gr and 10° Gr would have that.