Long time gone and would like to join

Many years ago I was in a squad called Cps ( casual pilots squad) , alas due to the average age and the passing of time none are left , bar me that is , I was the sprog ! I’m approaching retirement and would love to have some company in the virtual clouds . My real name is Doug and my callsign is Petrol . I used to be in the Royal Airforce and served as an aircraft fitter . For my sixtieth birthday I got to fly a spitfire for real ! ~S~


Hi Petrol. Welcome!

You are very lucky for the real spitfire flight! :sunglasses:

Hope to see you soon in the virtual skies!

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Hi Petrol, welcome!!

We actually needed some petrol for our warbirds :slight_smile:

Hi Petrol, welcome!
I think we’re all very envious of your flight on the Spitfire - except Strale who had one as well :grimacing:
I live in Derby, where about are you based?

Hola Petrom and welcome to EAF👍

Welcome on board Petrol!

Hi Petrol! And welcome

How/where did you discover EAF and why would you like to fly with us?

we’ll meet thursday night for a flight 21.00 CET!

i’ll send you our TeamSpeak address by message!

I think I was looking for squads on a link from the steam page I think . We used to use hyperlobby to fly coops . It’s a lot easier with steam for updates , It was a little crazy with all the different mods everyone had . So cet is one hour ahead of uk time ?

do you fly il2bat or DCS?

yes CET
Central European Time is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time.

Welcome on board. Where about you will fly the Spit? I did it at Goodwood.
I was seconded to UK Air Forces many years ago

Welcome, Doug!
If you are looking for a group with different “Gray Eagles” you are in the right place!
Here you will find many drivers over 50 and over 60, as well as young drivers full of energy!
The official simulator is as you know DCS and the flight evenings are on Mondays and Thursdays (h.21.00 CET).
The P-51is the reference plane you will need to have, with the Normany map and the Assets pack, but you are free to have other modules such as the P-47, Spitfire, Mosquito, etc.!

Also me and a small group of old eagles nostalgic, we still flutter with the “old” but never forgotten IL2 1946 updated with BAT Mode, which has revolutionized and revitalized, so if you have time and energy left and you want to do something about that, contact me that I will give you the necessary information, we are on HyperLobby on Sundays and Tuesday nights always at 21:00 (CET).

Read our rules and if you are in tune with them, apply to join the EAF family as an intern (we call them “Turkey”).
After a period of training with the various instructors (T/O - Training Officer) where you will sprout the feathers of eagles, you will be a full-fledged EAF pilot.
For the moment both on the forum, and in teamspeak, and in DCS your nink name will be EAF_T_Petrol

If you are a history lover you should not miss our site: www.eaf51.org, where you will find our history, our photos, historical photos and many other topics of interest.

Welcome among us and if you have the constancy to follow us, you will find that we are more than a group of friends with a common passion, but one big family!

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Hia Petrol ( Doug).
Nice to “meet” you and Welcome to our family.
That’s one hell of a birthday present. :+1:
Hope to Speak soon.

I flew from Biggin Hill. 45 minutes with aerobatics over the white cliffs of beachy head .


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Welcome Petrol into the EAF family, i am so envious of your flight, marvellous experience i think!

Hope you’re going to join us soon in the virtual Skies!! :sunglasses: