Lonely hearts

Dedicated, barely competent pilot with some talent in gunnery and no sense of humour seeks:

Dedicated pilot of any skill level willing to become personal air combat slave. Duties would involve, working hard to establish a good pairs relationship. Developing pairs tactics. Joining 602. Wearing a kilt ( non negotiable ). Flying Lots. Enjoying Haggis and whiskey ( or at least willing to learn ).


It’s the wearing of a skirt that puts me off…<shudder> :wink:

Only virtually… :slight_smile:


She was vacuuming around me :slight_smile:

But seriously Sporran, good and brave work mate. It’s tough to commit to a flying relationship being grown men and subject to ridicule but if people are serious about flying combat the bullet has to be bit with Dover on the horizon almost

Hard work taking turns to be the back seat driver so I advise you to make arrangements with someone higher in rank than you mate, then he’s your default flight leader for those tricky navigation missions and you know who to blame. But I’m telling you the plot :slight_smile:

There’s good craic to be had in there once you get the awkward phase out of the way and good luck with loose-deuce training, give us a shout if you need target drones or friendly elements

Strongly advise dropping the kilt btw :slight_smile:

Queen of England to Scotsman-

“Tell me my good man, is anything worn under the kilt?”

“No madam, everything under the kilt is in perfect working order…”

It’s an old joke yes but recycleable for Continental Europe :slight_smile:


Having about as much luck as my personal for

Misogynist seeking quiet woman



wana married me?

Shucks Wildcat, i am not that kinda gal :roflmao:

Seriously Wildcat, would be honoured m8.

We could also practice our understanding of English as a foreign language. :wink:

EEK: i could even learn some Italian, what a great way of passing time on all those long drawn out patrols !


He’s all yours Wildy.

I’ll never fall in love again :stuck_out_tongue:

Way to go Sporran!

Finding someone with the same mindset is essential if you want to develop a strong wingman relationship. Much like a marriage, but without the mysterious ways of a woman thank God :smiley:

Wearing a kilt ( non negotiable )

Does Wildcat have to wear underwear? :roflmao:

For sound effects click here:

It’s the wearing of a skirt that puts me off…<shudder>

Shame Brig’s, its a liberating experience, but only for those confident in their manliness :roflmao:

Strongly advise dropping the kilt btw

You little saucy minx ming :roflmao:

Does Wildcat have to wear underwear?

Good question Osprey, and brave of you to ask!. Others would have balked at the mere though of making such a loaded inquiry. I salute your fearlessness but will leave the answer to Wildcat.


PS: quite right on the stealth edit Osprey, some questions are best left unasked :))

oh man sure i’ve underwear why with kilt dont need it? :roflmao:

maybe sound change with underwear right Osprey?

Alas, on reflection, i do not think we are compatible Wildcat, your predilection for flying those bomber thingy’s would ultimately put undue stress on the relationship.

Sorry, we can still be friends :wink:

Your faithfully

Desperately seeking a regular wingman.

ah I cant do fighter now because i’ve low :mad: fps I can have an other scians on future :wink: :rolleyes:

You’ve put your cards on the table Sporran. Not many people would dare to be as honest as you are because in turn it calls for others to be honest :slight_smile:

When we finally get organised at 19 Squadron so that we’re all running the same version, and the days of everyone taking half an hour to get on the same page are behind us- please do feel happy to pop into our missions where we are presently working towards practicing wingman ops at all squadron meets and Swoop or I will be there to take you under our wing. Or to shove you out front usually and hide under your wing :slight_smile:

I say this because the one thing a wingman/leader needs right now more than accurate gunnery is honesty and a reluctance to take offence at another’s honesty, the utter destruction of the enemy will come in time there’s no hurry while we’re training for The Big One. Big Two maybe…

It’s a mess lately with no wars or coop missions running minute-by-minute. A very enjoyable mess for sure </emphasising> but we have to admit it’s not war as we know it. So with an eye to the future upcoming flying season we might as well practice the most basic of flying skills after mastering the aircraft controls. Not flying alone. One can fly alone in a crowd. It’s just like real life isn’t it :slight_smile:


I mean Susan :slight_smile:


Vacancy filled :roflmao:

Ty for your time and consideration folks