Logitech G15 keyboard tutorial please

Apologies to Sporran who started this chain of reasoning :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use my G15 Gaming (extra key groups) Keyboard to use TeamSpeak with whisper macros and so on

I’ve loaded the latest Logitech software version 2.02 but the Help file is talking about another keyboard, different functions

Does anyone have a G15 keyboard and if so can you tell me how to program the A key so that Notepad gets an A input?

Starting really simply because nothing happens when I program the G1 key for the A (lower case of course) key

The G1 key keeps sending its default mapping F1. Something very basic I’m missing

TS is a bit limited by having the Send key only accepting a single keypress rather than a macro that one could program. Unless someone knows something…

The idea I’m considering is that whisper channels in TS are macros, three keys wide. So it should be possible to program a G15 macro to send all three keypresses at once to TS. Then I can map whisper keys to one key on the G1-G18 keys on the G15. Six whispers on six keys in the lower G15 key group. That should be enough :slight_smile:

My keyboard is under a shelf mostly when flying so using the lower keypad of the G15 programmable groups for TS would be good

I am trying to program Scroll Lock to the Voice Send Method/Push To Talk/Set option

G15 Profile Manager/Assign Keystroke/SCROLL LOCK (to Send)

Scroll Lock works to TS-Send on the standard keys. Nothing happens when I press G1 which has had Scroll Lock assigned to it with no errors

Nothing heavy I can get by without this layer of functions but it would be nice to be organised for once :slight_smile: (plus if I can get the Profiler working it’ll be handy for more than just Il-2/TS)


Wait, go back a step :slight_smile:

Two installs of TeamSpeak: for XP (hiss, it’s behind you) and for Vista (golf applause)

I was commanding the XP TS version is why the Vista version wasn’t picking up the macros. Had to check everything one more time before posting for help at the G15 forum. And would have been setting a real deep-lying problem for some poor comrade-in-keyboards “I fixed it, it wasn’t DirectInput or USB problems no, it was me not knowing my arse from my elbow”

Step forward the man who said we could have told you that :slight_smile:


Turned out to be very straightforward, 18 x 3 spare keys now :slight_smile:


Theres also a very small program gents that displays who is speaking and which Ts server your on in the LCD panel. Type G15 Ts display in google and you should find it, leaves your viewing area uncluttered and negates the use of Ts Display which can drain resources on lesser systems.If you cant find it PM me your e-mail address and i`ll send it to you, if i can find it on my system.

Ps if this has been mentioned before pls delete it.

Ah, Nice one Smurfy :slight_smile:
Direct link for the lazy : http://www.schmads.com/g15teamspeak.htm