Locked pit, no icons, CEM in latest War Thunder update.

Anyone thinking of War THunder, the latest update (1.25) has unlocked the Full- Real battles mode.

No minimap, locked pit, toggable CEM option ( I boiled my radiator in an Il-2 by going for a cup of tea) and restricted icons (Friendly only and then very close). Plus you can now crash land damaged without the plane automatically exploding.

Also has a nice graphically update and a stunning Korea map. (Around 10,000 folk playing this now, and 320 the Full Real mode on Sunday night)

Video here from devs (in Russian)


It does look gorgeous, at least.

Update - CEM does work with a toggable key. Prop pitch, radiator, supercharger, mix etc.

Also all planes invidually modelled with CEM differences. E.g no auto radiator on the Il-2, auto mix on the P-38G,

Managed to rip the wing off a Lagg in a dive as well so structural strength modelling is in there too!

Looking v v good now chaps!

I’m EAF602Flashheart in game if anyone wants to try co-op in one of these Full Real Battles.