Lock On - Flamin Cliffs

Well, managed to install it, despite the installation process beeing totally in russian. I did get one question that I had no idea what it was, so I just ignored it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Managed to change resolution and set it up so I got to use the rudders, and adjust the responce curves for the joystick. Apart from that I had a hard time understanding the settings.

Tried one of the training missions in a Su-25T, but got no-where, watched a couple of movies and figured out how to close the canopy and start at least one engine, but my take-off failed. In the process of going in and out of missions I managed to delete one of the training missions. :rolleyes:
Went into a mission in a Su-27, and the conditions was totally horrible, night, cloudy and rainy with lightning going off everywhere. :eek:
Quick out for a quick mission in a Mig-29 (german version). Airstart, shot down 2 enemy fighters (haven’t forgotten everything from my brief flight in original LOMAC), and even managed to land (hard, but successfully).

Feeling of flight seems much better then the original (pre-patch) LOMAC, TIR works, but is a bit too sensitive. Bit easy to overcontrol the plane, but that is probably because of my joystick settings (very direct).
Apart from everything beeing in russian, I really like it! :smiley:

Whats it like on performance Mikke? Graphics look nice and run smoothly?


Graphics looks ok, but not perfect, but I suspect it’s a matter of setting it up. As it’s all in russian I have some problems in that regard…
In a quick mission I had a framerate of about 40 fps (usually over, very few below), using Wasp’s 9800pro.
But I did have a few cases of microstutters that I can’t remember from original LOMAC, but again, that might be a case of settings.

I can give you some screenshots of the english menus for FC if you want. Bought it as a download from lockon.ru when it came out :slight_smile:

Yes please MadDog! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any more :slight_smile:

I got the Englisch CD version and i’m lovin it.

Great plane the Su 25T.
I think it fly’s like an A380, but once you get it linded up with youre target, its going no where.
16 laser guided rockets can take out a whole colum.
Great stuff.

lol i also got it but i uninstalled it

i couldn’t learn al the buttons ant stuff to lock on but i realy enjoined the graphix

You can read the manuel first if you like.

Only 262 pages. lol.

When you are flying without Labels, is difficult identify where is the bandit and specially if the ground targets are fliendly or not.
Look what I found it :slight_smile: ATC playble This must be on each sim that we fly, after in reallife they all have even on WWII.

Cant wait to try it online :slight_smile:


Is it correct that you need to have LOMAC before you can get Flaming Cliffs to work? Just ordered LOMAC now, guess I will have to get FC also if I want to get the latest patches and to fly the SU-25T.


Yes m8,

To fly online you will need Lockon+Flaming Cliffs + SutterFix patch

This is just a great game.


If anyone’s interested: I’m willing to trade my copy of Lockon (original DVD box + documentation) for one of the following:

  • Strike Fighters/Wings over Vietnam
  • CFS3

As much as I like those Russian jets, I find the game simply too boring. Flanker2 had the same problem IMO…

Probabily you wont play it in the correct way m8…, I just thing the game superb.

Do you made any ILS landing? Landing only buy instruments,you dont see the runway cause of the Fog?
Any air Refuel?
Ground attacks?

thats stuff is real cool on the lockon.

Lets plan to make a ground attack with A10 on formation :slight_smile:


I did all that in Flanker 2 already. And still do it in Falcon 4 and Janes F18, in a much better campaign and AI environment :cool: Matter of taste :wink:

So if anyone wants to trade his Strike Fighters/WOV for my Lockon give me a call :slight_smile:

you win m8 eheh :smiley: I never played before the Flanker or the Janes F18 :wink:


I got Lockon guys, just the first one, not the addon yet, and im running version 1.02 now (latest patch for standard lockon).

One things I am perplexed about though, it seems setting up the joystick to work well with all types of aircraft is difficult. Most notably, when I have a good setup for the Su-27 I find it very hard if not impossible to accurately and smoothly fly the F-15, and vice versa. Is there something I am not doing that everyone else must know? Do you use deadbands etc? I am not at the moment.

Apart from that I am enjoying the game, once you get used to the basics in the training the rest is easy. I am still yet though to land or takeoff from a carrier in daytime, let alone night flying on instruments :slight_smile:

Also would you say that Flaming Cliffs and the subsequent patch for that make the original even better? Like with original IL-2 and now its better in 4.01. I have seen breifly a new addon - black shark - or something that is mean’t to allow you to fly a Ka-50 but I have not seen much more about what it will add further to the aircraft/features side of things.


Hi Sterling,

it seems that we have here another lockon fan…, Yes its difficult to fly all the planes on lockon…, What I normally do is to get specialized in only one plane.
I like a lot of SU27 , but Its much more fun flying low altitude on a A-10 and bomb some SAM or Veichles…, the graphics and sound are superb on this game.
One of the most cool stuff on this game is to have the ILS , landing by instruments.
Some guys on lockon.ru are amking a ATC mod , that is for a human Tower Control .