Like a BOS :)

For anyone wishing to purchase IL2 BOS…

Price comparisons:

A site recommended by FrankieonPCin1080p (a well known Youtuber):

Please note, you will be subject to VAT on top of the purchase price depending on your location.
Additional downloadable content is not included in these packages (such as additional aircraft etc)


Thanks a lot Baz! Bought and downloading now. :slight_smile:

ATTENTION: Make sure to use the discount code ALLKEYSHOP (If you buy at G2A)

You save one frickin’ euro! :eek:

One Euro!
That’s some good cash mate. I’ll take a look at this too. Is it a good deal? Should I buy it?

We did Apollo.

To be fair the game has one or two short comings (if you read the il2 bos forum you’d think the sky was about to fall in :confused:), but the for £28 which is what Stunt paid, I think it’s a good deal.

We played on line with Storm and it was excellent fun.


Go get it Apollo! I need you and Baz in Yak’s, protecting Charlie, Storm and I from Jerr…I mean Fritz, while we attack tanks in our Ilyushas!

The cry about unlocking skins and ground attack ordnance, is not as bad as people think. It was wrong of the devs to do it, but it isn’t anywhere near the end of the world. I talked to Charlie about it, and he said it took about 1-1.5 hour to unlock everything in the IL-2.

So be it. When it’s done it’s done! Now you can enjoy a great high fidelity aircraft. Even better, use the time offline to experiment with your controls and sensitivities, at the same time unlocking stuff for your aircraft.

But more importantly for you Apollo: The Yak-1 also doesn’t need any unlocking to fight! It is only ground attack stuff you unlock and some skins. But Yak-1 is from the start, fully suited for air combat.

The very last thing you unlock in the Yak, but only useful for navigation, is radio beaconing.

Excellent stuff! Dabbled a bit in BOS online with solo missions on Syndicate, but great to know there may be EAF wingies around now…

Unlocks are a pain, but runs perfectly and definitely got potential - nothing like a hair-raising low-level airfield attack in the trusty old Il-2…

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