Let's fly!

I’m home a few days now if anyone wants to fly a little. I can also fly the other sims, but really enjoying ROF now.

Im off on Monday Erik so I will join you buddy.

Also me Baz and Stunt are on TS right now

Sorry Charlie, I didn’t see this until now. I’ll log on tomorrow as well. It will be fun to fly again.

No problem Erik.

I will be about tomorrow for a bash with you at ROF.

You can show me how badly I fly, and I can show you how badly you flew to LHR and back on Flightradar (Turning right over Kazhakstan…what a noob move ) :slight_smile:

Cya tomorrow m8


Oh…I have EAF witnesses as well :slight_smile:

I will be around from 09:00 GMT (16:00 HKT?)

See you both tomorrow! :slight_smile:

I am already awake and ready :).

Really glad to see more of you joining me in ROF, it’s such a fantastic game once you get past point that planes are slower and thus as a result turns are tighter. But regardless of turns, WW1 has every bit of energy smart combat in it WW2 has, even more so I’d say because relative speeds between planes are low making it harder to zoom away out of enemy guns range, so you have to bee even more careful about how to keep your energy advantage in case your opponent can out turn you.

Then again due to lower speed and more primitive engines, it’s simpler to keep a formation making those bombing and recon missions all the more fun since scouts don’t have too hard job to keep an eye on their two-seaters as it is the case with faster planes of WW2.

I can generate some coops once we know who is in for a flight and what planes would you all like to fly, cya on TS I guess.

I got ready, fell asleep but now I’m ready again.

I went to the ROF store as well and the sale is still on.

I wanted to get the Pup,Brisfit and a few other bits and bobs but it looks like you have to buy them one by one. Is there no “add to basket” option?

So as of now I’m still an ICE pilot.

Never mind

Lets fly should mean you connect and stay untill people gather up, this was really silly, I tried to wait some time but you all kept entering and leaving instantly (maybe because Apollo was not there yet?). One way or the other, my free time expired in waiting so eventually I left as well.

You can see it here how you missed one after another and that goes on frequent, not a good way to meet up for a flying session. Staying for couple of minutes makes more sense doesn’t it?

Sorry I didn’t specify time available to fly. I check in a few times just to see if people were flying already. I will be able to fly from now on if people are interested!

And your mic was muted all the time Cyclops.

My mic is always muted when alone in channel or when on phone, ect…

I use voice activation so mute is push to be silent for me :slight_smile:

Muted still makes me able to hear on speakers and just swap to headset when someone to speak to is online, see headset is kind of hot during summer in CRO, so I avoid using it until it’s required. That is why i got both, ClipPro and baseball hat for TIR :slight_smile:

I’m not that advanced :frowning:

Im on line now!!! with stuntman…

I think you’re selling yourself short there mate.

I know some things come more easy to us that literally grown up with PC sticking out of our rears, but if you can master areal combat and HOTAS setup, you can master any other PC program for sure. You just need to want to think of creative ways to use them to suit your needs. If you don’t feel creative enough on any particular Sunday, just ask google :cool:

My apologies as well. I got caught up down town and ended up back home at 22:00 my time. I guess that was too late for some of you guys. Better luck tomorrow as I dont have any plans as of now.
Please advise me if you want to play.


Thanks for the great fun guys! Have never been so successful in ROF before. Lots of action, always two Jerries on my tail, and 3 shootdows in the same sortie… The Camel is my friend, the Dolphin is just meat. :slight_smile:

You were unstoppable Stunt! It was a difficult job being your enemy today. You’re becoming an expert Camel pilot… Good job.

Yeah Camel is best Entente plane when you factor in speed, turn and firepower. But I still make way too many mistakes flying it, especially against other expert Camel pilots. They force me into stalls and spins because they seem to have found the way to push it way better then I can. Some say it’s due to force feedback implementation in ROF that give early enough warning when you approach stall speed.

Can’t test that theory since I don’t have FF but since ROF is such a chaotic fight when more then single opponent is involved, this might really be quite helpful as watching into gauge for speed is not handy in heat of battle.

Maybe someone with FF stick can comment more on this…

Hehe…don’t go into the ROF forums and mention the Camel { or Pup } for that matter, you will end up getting lynched lol, along with the DR1 and Alb’s, they are classed as WAY off with the FM’s… far to good .

Camel needs more torque, needs to be slower by about 8-10mph…DR1 needs to be much slower as well, Pup needs to neutered as its climb, top speed and handling are off below 16000ft …and then again, the Albs needs to be much faster :slight_smile:

The Camel is closer to true when you fly it with 100% fuel…but then again, 777 mucked up the size of the fuel tank and made it larger { they used the prototype drawings for the game } …80% is closer to the true fuel loadout of the aircraft.

Thats what I used to fly with… Then I chose 60% and I was still slaughtered… Now I use 20-25% and I can hold my own against seasoned opponents, but not against DR1 aces. No way!
DR1 is also easier with 20% fuel load, but still hard for me to control. But at least it recovers nice once stalled…