Anyone going to flying legends this year?

I hope to be there both days. Gonna be a different show this year as a lot of the normal aircraft won’t be available to fly.

Good news is the Horsemen (p51 display team) will be there and are incredible to watch.

BBMF Spit and Hurri on saturday and the Lanc on Sunday apparently. Nothing else published apart from that I don’t think.

Hopefully we will get the Vulcan and the Guinot ladies who are always great to watch (the flying!! :slight_smile: )

I will be there Satutday with the tribe, also Zulu and Nitrous have booked into a camp site and will be there both days me thinks…

Excellent, any more for any more?

Planning on being there for the Sunday to catch the action…:slight_smile:

PS: Any chance of a closer look at Caroline’s Spit if i bring my press pass…?:wink:



Not if you call her Caroline :slight_smile:

She won’t be there I don’t think, not invited to Legends you see…

Whoops! typing finger trouble- Carolyn:embarasse

Not invited? Is this some kind of Spitfire community/warbird owners snub? :confused: “Its my party and I’ll fly if I want to, fly if I want to…”

I’ll be there anyway - so any EAFers want to set a meeeting point/time or owt?

You’re too late… I’ve already pinged her… I’ll marry her if its the last thing I do! :roflmao::roflmao: