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Chance-Vought F4U-1D Corsair

Our development of the F4U-1D Corsair continues. After VFAT, there was an extensive improvements to the airframe’s 3d model, while at the same time adding the final elements of the onboard equipment within the cockpit. Recently our coder has implemented the radio equipment, which we have described in one of the previous updates. Within the limits of the DCS World environment, we took an effort to implement a Ye/Zb radio navigation system used by U.S. aircraft during WW2 as means to navigate to the desired aircraft carrier, and later to airfields.



As we’ve mentioned a few months ago, our intention is to deliver the F4U-1D not only as a module but as an entire package containing a few more features, including an aircraft carrier and Ai units. Exact contents are not decided yet and they depend on many things, but apart from the Essex Class Aircraft Carrier we’ve been working on some ground units to build a very basic environment for the F4U-1D. A variety of such assets include the Japanese Type 89, Type 95 and Type 97 tanks, Type 94 truck (in a few versions) and the 25 mm Type 96 gun, 75 mm Type 88 cannons. A complete package of contents will be disclosed closer to the release date!![







Full update here…

Too bad there will not be any suitable opponent for the Corsair on the horizon. Unless you go for a Korea scenario and try to fight Mig-15’s of course. :grin:

they are making ground units AI…
i’m wondering if they’ll release a Zero AI…
you just need
3d model
simplified FM
Ai behavior programming…

Long time since they started the corsair and carrier development, but as Jimmy said, we need the counter part!