Latest 64bit TS3 update

I updated my TS to the latest build the other night. Looks like an old bug has come back. After a short while it locks up my system. The fix is to use an older version or use the 32 bit install.

It won’t affect everyone, but it has to some

Hmm, maybe that’s one reason for my all too frequent crashes lately, though it can’t be the only explanation since I get crashes without starting TS also. :mad:

I’m seriously thinking about upgrading when the holiday sales start even if I’m not that unhappy about performance apart from the crashes (that used to be more uncommon).

Turns out the issue is probably related to the TS overlay in CoD/Team Fusion 4

But feel free to upgrade your PC anyway. That’s always a good thing :slight_smile:

Yesterday I had a crash about 5 seconds after I started in the cockpit at Manston. When I restarted I came to think about this thread and decided to try running CoD without starting TS (no-one else in CoD when my PC crashed). Ended up flying until the mission ended, no more crashes.

Not 100% conclusive (as I managed to fly for a bit on monday without PC-crashes), and I know there’s something hinky about my PC anyway (perhaps less frequent since I turned off the memory OC), but at least it’s worth a further look.

There is definitely something fishy about the latest release of TS. I run for hours on TS2 with my kids on Team Fortress with no issues.
In CloD I was getting lockups. Symptoms are mouse control would misbehave and make a beeping noise when I did move the mouse and feedback on the TS for the other people on the channel.
Only a reboot clears it. I had thought it was a CloD only issue, but I had a crash in RoF too.

Is that similar to what you are getting Mikke?

No, I get BSoD. Doesn’t look like it’s graphics related (no degradation of picture etc), just a total freeze and then blue.

I have had problems since the beginning with crashes, but changing memory and CPU-cooling (years ago) helped a lot , until it started happening way too often the last couple of months.

Or maybe not. :frowning: Had two crashes with TS yesterday (I haven’t done anything with TS since last time), and then I tried flying without TS and had another one with TS off making me believe it’s not the reason for my frequent crashes after all. If it wasn’t for a few programs that I’m unsure if I will be able to reinstall I would try reinstalling Win7, but I might end up doing it anyway before I start buying new hardware…

That might be a plan. Microsoft have always recommended a reinstall of the OS every 18 months. Installing /uninstalling software and general use can cause issues with the system files and registry.

My issue is TS related though, it might be down to the headset I’m using. I started using a Plantronics USB headset a little while before I updated TS. I’ve taken that out of the equation now and put my old wireless headset back in. I’ll see how that behaves