Lastest developer 3.001 this weekend guys

But it seems that they have been working on increasing the fidelity of the engine and damage modelling :smiley:

Detailed news:

Getting better!

Will be interesting to see how the coop system works and if anybody can just host a game easily.

It will be interesting to see performance by using VR and hosting coop :frowning:

Hoping they’ve done some more to optimise performance in VR.

I was present while Jason il2 producer guy was hosting Q&A on their TS.
Question about VR performance improvements were asked and his response was; no VR improvements are planned regarding performance, it’s up to VR and PC HW manufacturers to improve their hardware.

3.01 uploaded 14th March 9:00 - 13:00 GMT, so available for download in the afternoon tomorrow :cool:

Anyone up for flying Thursday morning?

Excellent! 3.001 inbound on finals - P-39, A-20 + all the SP goodies coming tomorrow…!

P-39 much less inclined to flat spin than in days of yore.