Last day of the summer sale 2018!

Unless I’m mistaken today is the last day of the DCS summer sale, half price on Normandie + WW2 assets pack for example. Now is a good time to get it and other modules you might want to try. I think they said it would be the last sale this year.
Myself is considering getting the MiG-15, I have thought about the M-2000C, but have decided against it as I already have enough 4th gen jets that I haven’t even started to touch (F/A-18 cough…) and I don’t think I have time for more, but flying a MiG-15 shouldn’t take too much systems learning before being able to enjoy it.

Btw, as OD mentioned in the Harrier post, the latest update for DCS also brought clipped wings, bombs and fuel tank to the Spitfire, so that should be close to becoming finished (I have no idea what it lacks now, I’m pretty happy with it as it is).
Should be a small patch tomorrow that fixed some things on the Viggen (mostly things that have been broken with the latest couple of patches), also a plane that I’m very happy with as it is. Easy to fly, fast, and you can be airborne from a cold start probably faster than almost any other jet. :smiley:

It’s the last big sale for some time too…worth checking out if you want to have any interest in DCS, even in future.

And now it’s too late! :frowning:
I just went there to buy the Mig-15, but prices are back to normal. I should have acted this morning instead of waiting to the afternoon I guess, but I’ll survive. Worse for those of you that missed buying Normandie, Spitfire and Viggen! :tongue2::sucks: