Keets or Brigs ... help please :)

I had mentioned I wasn’t getting the full 20mb speeds for my broadband … well I thought I would try it today and get on the blower if it hadn’t improved.
Before I did I ran a test … downloading a 104mb file from an ntl server I was getting pretty much 10mb speeds, so just as a test, I removed the router and hooked the modem direct … straight away I was getting 20mb … I swapped over a few times to confirm it wasn’t a one off and it seems my router is capping it :frowning:

The router is a netgear WGR614 v6 and the pc is hard wired to it, not on wireless.
Any suggestions as to why this should be the case and what I can do to fix it ?

Sorted :slight_smile:
A phone call to Netgear, and they upgraded my firmware … now I have to configure the ports again … what ones do I need to open for IL2 and TS ?

21000 for IL2, TS, no idea

Glad you got it sorted Majik. :slight_smile:

No need for any config for TS. Port 21000 only needs to be forwarded to your PC’s LAN IP address if you want to host. If that’s the case, you should follow the instructions here:

I jumped on HL and tested it out, hosting works fine now thanks :slight_smile:

VM are about to lose a customer. My connection lately has been shite, not because of a “selfish 5% who download as much as 3gig in peak times”, but because their system is getting overloaded and to fit more people in they are going to have to restrict the bandwidth somehow.
I have always paid OTT for my BB because I want the fastest, most stable connection possible. I like to download a film now and again, a HDTV downloadable film is around 4.5 gig. That makes me one of the selfish 5% and liable to capping, unless i QUEUE MY D/L’s overnight. But then what is the point of me paying for a premium service I can’t use.

I agree, the point of having a fast connection is fast downloads of large files … if you just surfing then 1mb is more than enough, its a slap in the face for those paying big bucks for a fast service … and if you are on the 2mb line 350 mb is enough to get you capped … do they realise the size of game patches these days ??

Needless to say if it starts affecting my use I will be telling them to stuff it too, we will wait and see.
I guess in many ways I am lucky, I don’t tend to download a lot, and I can do it out of peak times, but I still think its a poor idea.
TBH I was going to downgrade my speed anyways, but as they came up with a good deal for me, and the 4mb would only cost me £3 pm less I didn’t bother.

I can see many people will bugger off if this gets fully implmented though … doesn’t suprise me, ever since Virgin took over it seems to have gone downhill, and I thought it would improve with Virgin at the helm … doh!

At the moment I’m paying for a 20 meg service and all the tests I’ve done over the last week put me a 512k at best. Tried to phone them tonight to cancel my services with them and…surprise, surprise…I couldn’t get through due to the “unusually high call volume” to the disconnection line…“please try later”

Yep I had that for a few days :frowning:

They have there own download speed test, suprise suprise :wink:
The speedtest I used before seems to think I am on the west coast opposite ireland for some reason and gives me odd readings.
But heres the link, download one of the 100 odd mb files, I think possibly there is slowdown outside there servers :rolleyes:

Go to parent directory/stages to see the files.

I’m familiar with it, although it did used to contain a build of debian which was at least useful if you like Linux.
Ive got to get some tests going to send them, because I know what they’re like.