Katyn (Movie)

I saw this movie yesterday night at the cinema.

I do not know if the name Katyn tells you something. Have a look here:

The fater of Andrey Waida, the movie director, was killed by the Soviets, together with other 22.000 Polish officier prisonier of war (The URSS did not sign the Geneva convention).

The movie really good (not a war movie) but is also a kick in the stomach. The final scene of the massacre is lasting 15 minutes, showing the Polish officier killed one by one with a shot in the head. At the end of the movie all the people sitting in the cinema were leaving silently. No one was able to speak. Someting that deserves to be seen, because, as for many other things, if you forgot the past it may happen again.

The trailer:

The official website: