Kampf um Norwegen - Feldzug 1940

This nazi propaganda movie has now been restored after being found in 2005, and has been released on DVD (with norwegian and english subtitles).

The movie is the official Wehrmacht ‘documentary’ about operation Weserubung, the nazi invasion of Norway. It documents the justifications the germans had for the invasion (to protect the poor norwegians from an imminent allied invasion), and details the various fighting that happened.

The footage is quite interesting, they have even used french and british footage at some places. It also doesn’t hide the setbacks the germans had during the campaign in Narvik, like having to abandon the town, or the 2nd naval battle of Narvik, when the HMS Warspite and it’s destroyer escorts sortied into the Vestfjord, leaving 8 german destroyers scuttled or sunk.

The film runs 80m, and the bonus material are two german “newsreels” which contains stuff about the invasion. They were also quite interesting to watch.

I heartily recommend this movie :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree,
We watched this in our history-class at the university and having in mind this is a nazi-film it is very interesting to watch.

Is it similar to this movie on Youtube:

Sprung in den Feind

(Invasion of the Netherlands in 1940)

Here is one clip

And here is abit

The interesting parts of this propaganda movie are, that it has quit alot military details and even tells about failures. (Narvik, Blücher)
It is similar to “Feldzug in Polen” which was postponed for the cinema because the Wehrmacht wasn’t shown as heroic as they wanted to. Maybe thats one factor, why it never was shown in german cinemas, although mixing was finnished.