Ju-88 Torpedo

Someone know the difference about the torpedoes of Ju-88?

LTW Torpedo
LTW Torpedo (salvo)
LTW Torpedo (spread)

LTF5B Torpedo
LTF5B Torpedo (Salvo)
LTF5B Torpedo (Spread)

Practice Torpedo (spr) DUMMY

Many THX. :slight_smile:

LTW is italian whitehead Torpedo in german use and LTF5b the german standard Lufttorpedo (Airtorpedo).

Both were used by the Luftwaffe, because the production of the LTF5b was paused early in the war by higher command. They thought this weapon is useless. After succesful torpedoattacks by RAF and Japanese the Luftwaffe started to reconsider but there werenโ€™t much LTF left, so they got italien torpedos.

In the game, however the german LTF5b gives more damage

Spread is semi-automatic fire, means you drop one torp at a time, means you can attack two different ships!

Salvo is the usual that both torp drops in the water.

Many THX m8. :slight_smile: