Joystick problem in CoD

My J/S seems too jumpy in CoD - so trying to line up on targets is like trying to track a bouncing ball
Is there any guidance on setting up

Il2 seems OK, and RoF isn’t too bad

Look at the input vs output response at the bottom where you assign each axis in game and tweak sensitivity (think its called that) to suit, mine is set to around 0.85 on each joystick axis with a gentler response on rudder. This gives a nice response to input.

I have the same problem mate. Very frustrating. I have my sensitivity set to 0.24. Is yours really set to 0.85 Keets? That is very low sensitivity. If I understand you correctly then I will give it a try. Thanks.

I tried it and it seems a little better, but I still have problemswith my aim…And thats against bombers. It will really be difficult against fighters. But I’ll give it a try. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.


Thats it!!
Thanks M8!

I have default settings, but sometimes i feel it too sluggish especially when aiming.
I have somehow got used to it but will try different settings and see…

Against Bombers I’ve found that using some trim at the beginning of my attack run helps me a lot to stabilize the gun pipper on the bomber!
I trim when i’m already pointing at the bomber but still around 500m off (i use to fire when on convergence 200m for me)
Unluckily can’t do this whit a jinking fighter.

Thanks Keets
That’s better, but still over sensitive