JG53 Pikas Meeting

I was lucky enough to partecipate to the 1.JG53/2 meeting (the 2nd Staffel is the spaghetti-eater group of 1.JG53) and coming alone still alive! :slight_smile:

The meeting took place in a captured airport in northeern Italy (Aerclub Modena). I bailed out from my BMW-propelled plane


and I was capturad by enemy pilots, members of 1.JG53/2 and 269GA.


I was sitting at the Officiers Mess: foo was good, and the rest also.


I also had a the chance to fly on a two-seats glider, not only as a passanger, taking controls for some time. Trilling and entriguing experience!

About the glider experience, i will post the pics later. For the time being you can see as the JG53 Italians look like in real life here:


Thanks again to Staffelcaptain 1.JG53/2 Novol for having allowed me to spend a relxing Sunday together with our “enemies”

Cheers! :cool:

Hi Bear,

Nice Pics, but the guy called Newwings on the left of the team photo is Oleg Maddox you know. :eek:


:eek: :confused:


Facial expression, haircut and way of dressing is similar, but same, nah… :roflmao:

Looks like a good time was had, nice pics. :slight_smile:

I found this link. it’s abour the Il2 makers team, Oleg on top