JG 19 Released

With 19 playing as axis in 602’s dcg campaign i thought it would be a good time to release a badge for 19 sqn i have been working on.
What do you think?
The final version will be added to any skins i make for campaigns in the future.

Don’t like the swastika, not needed IMO
Other than that nice!

The old swastika doesn’t really offend me mate… If we can hang it in the mess after we shot that jerry Dornier down, then why not stick it on the old kite eh?.. Lets keep it. :slight_smile:

It offends me, it’s one thing to have it on the tail of a historically correct aircraft but to add it to a fictional Insignia is another thing altogether. I’m sure I’m not alone it finding it offensive
I’m also sure that Ace doesn’t intend to offend anyone, which is why I mentioned it.
I haven’t seen any real life LW badges with Swastika’s on them and you wont find any virtual LW squads with it incorperated in their squadron badge’s either.

I like the swastika Aceman looks cool mate

Should XIX be IXX googles nope you’re quite right :slight_smile:

It’s a game we’re playing and it’s not at all offensive to me plus I can immediately see it’s for a German plane to sport. You mean emblem when you say badge do you mate? For the side of the plane? Looks excellent thanks

Ming von Dolphinscht
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In my opinion it looks well. The nazi’s were a group with radically different beliefs from us. You are essentially flying their air force and thus IMO it is appropriate to add a swastika to a badge (virtual or otherwise) which represents this. But…

Anyhoo, lose the swastika cos its annoying people and Brig is responsible for my ability to see up and left at the same time, so i agree with him. Replace it with a turnip or something equally fitting to 19squadron!:smiley:


Im sorry if it offends a few people but this noseart will only be on german skined aircraft which will have a lot bigger swastika on there tail any way.
The idea of the swastika on the badge came from a bombers noseart

The bottom line is that if you produce a badge that offends someone who is flying a german aircraft, they’ll simply use the default skin. So why not change it? Alternatively, post it in 19sqdn and if they are all happy with it, then use it.

IMO this should have been posted in 19 squadrons room anyway as its not really for anyones approval except theirs. Although you will be flying against 92, but we didn’t choose the german insignia in WW2.

Anyway, its none of my business as well, so i’ll shut up now.


I will move it Richy, have deleted the pic incase anyone else takes ofence.
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