Jason William is asking for our Feedback!

if you give feedback on the game you’ll get also a 25% discount code.

just login to il2 page

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Personally i think we should lobby against technochat and 9k bubble
that’s what i wrote


9k vision bubble. When you spot someone is too late! You can’t try to reposition for fight or escape regard distant contacts! All fights become air quake and strategic flying is non existent. Also strategic bombing is broken.


I’ve bought all your WWII sims to support my hobby industry. Your FM is good, so are the graphic and the maps + units. I think that if you get rid of technochat and 9k bubble problems + implementing a good air marshall you’ll be there!


I also wrote about object distance visibility for planes/ships aka 9k bubble, it will be viable for PTO.
Currently it’s quite noticable on ship objectives on Finnish and KOTA server where you spot ships and ship trails when they are already bellow you.

I also mentioned AI an MP improvements.

Forgot to mention techochat, i hope they’ll remove it!

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