It's here our new IL2...first vid of the early access version

Looks really good already and at only 32% complete.

Enjoy -

It’s less new IL2 and more new RoF.
The whole layout is just RoF with new graphics.

The RoF "Digital Nature’’ engine struggles with complex missions, it always has and I can’t see it handling the sort of missions required for a proper Battle of Stalingrad.

The stuff i run for RoF is by no means complex, but I still have to reign it back to make it playable/not crash.

Cliffs of Dover is the next step in IL2. It has more scope for massed battles.

You know I love CoD and my biggest hope is it get the pilots it needs and a proper campaign. Who knows it might get picked up and developed further??

You know ROF better than me Brigs and that doesn’t sound promising hopefully they will sort that for BoS. Cod has lasted without one but not forever and I bet TF are thinking about that.

I agree with Brigs. I fear the ground war will be severely lacking based on the RoF example. Having said that, I’m sure I read somewhere that BoS development will provide enhancements to the existing ground war capability and this will in turn be fed back into the RoF software. Can’t remember where I read it and it may be wishful thinking but who knows!

I’m thinking (fearing) though that BoS is just going to be RoF:WW2 and not much more than that.


The big issue I have with 777 is that they rarely fix anything that needs fixing after it’s release.

They release a new aircraft or feature then move on to the next project. Once it’s released and out there, they very a rely revisit to fix it.

I’m setting my expectation for BoS quite low, based on my experience in RoF.

RoF is a good game but has some serious limitations.

I remember the same previews in RoF that we see in BoS. Including detailed ground war video and very well modelled ground objects. Getting them to work in RoF was another thing though and to this day there is little action on the ground.

We’ll just have to wait to see what BoS brings us.

I hope they can get over some of the limits we see in ROF.
I also hope WW2 will generate enough money to DO the fixes we miss in ROF.
What it will be, we will see.