It's here, it's here! Normandy 2!

Just bought it, ended up paying $5,80 after using Miles. Downloading right now.


I did get a warning that I already own the Normandy 2 map when I was putting it in my cart and before I payed for it, but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

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Same for me…

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So, it replaces the old Normandy map, but I think the Channel map is still available.

Normandy2 is downloading for everyone who own Normandy1, but if you don’t have it you cannot spawn from the airport in Normandy2 and i dont think you cant go there if you dont have it. So if buy it the game unlock the new area. So players who own or not can be in the same server.

Just tried in 4YA and it’s worth the money! it’ more and more detailed. I tried it in bad weather in 4YA, effects of rain, rainbow and lens effects were amazing. And when i see the Eiffel tower from the distance… Really good!

i’m looking forward to make a 4 hours mission!!! :star_struck:


Finish now to flight it whit bug, cappe and jimmy. I have a FPS problema after 1h of flight… start whit 150FPS and finish whit 20FPS… But the map is fantastic

Flown on it for a couple of hours in different servers. 60 fps steady. Great Map. I’ve noticed that in some servers lakes and rivers seem black. I’ll check again tomorrow

Flown it for several hours, i was curious to see how they reworked the airfileds, they are AMAZING!

There are some little airfields that need to be see, all unpaved, irregular like in reality, cities are wonderful too.

Buy i am missing a point, ia this a merge of old Normandy and Channel? Or better, will it be?

Getting it today, gives me the same warning that I already have the key

Apparently it is a common issue. Due to the fact it replaces the original Normandy Map.

How do you know if I have the 2.0 installed? Cause seemed that it downloaded it instantly?

You have to pay and ignore the “already assigned key” issue, the patch download automatically all the new map :slightly_smiling_face:

just open ME and enjoy London or Paris :slight_smile:

Just back from a looong sortie on Paris. Flown under the tower with my spit and back. So urgent was my desire to get to Paris that I didn’t take a droptank. Anyway after umiliating the Huns I made an emergency landing in no man’s land. Great map!!


Anyone flying this evening on Normandy 2? hope to get back home in time :slight_smile:

Shardana in

dovrei esserci, sul tardi


I’ll be in too later!