Italian Airmen as seen from a different sight...

Curious WWII footage:

Non sembrano messi male :rolleyes: , belli anche gli altri video collegati :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I am not very fond of showing of POW’s. Unless this is a shoot made for high officials or officers to determine the state of their well bieng.

Interesting film Monsterr. I once visited the Italian chapel in the Orkney’s which was built by POWs. It’s an amazing place and quite moving even though it’s only a very cleverly converted nissen hut. A must see if you ever get the chance. Anyone else been there?

yes ive been to the orkneys to dive scapa flow
and i took the drive to see the italian pow chapel it was very impressive
and well worth a visit if you get the chance

This British movie on the subject by Michael Radford (awarded with an Oscar for “The Postman”) is particulary touching: