Is BoS getting there?

Hi all. I just flew an IL2 in the BoS online servers and there were 63 players online in all servers in total. I compared it against the other sims we have by entering the relevant servers.

IL2- 49 players.

Cliffs-3 players.

RoF-0 players.

I know BoS is still in Alpha (70%) but it seems to be getting popular when compared to the other sims.

Anyone fancy trying the BoS servers over the weekend?



Hey C!

I don’t have the game yet. Wanting to wait until after the release to see what folks think.
But of course very curious about it.

This week i had the time to try all 3 the evolved sims:

when i checked around 22CET:

COD around 80 players
BOS around 60 players
DCS many servers up, but it’s difficult to say how many people flying WWII kites and how many jets
Il2 100 players (there where 120 players in il2 Hyperlobby but consider around 20 empty servers =100 palyers)

Right now what i like more is Clod
(but it’s the one i’m more used to. I feel very very comfortable in the spit)
The good
Best graphic, wonderful cockpit incredible shadows and terrain and good flight model, nice ATAG community, , i think the scripted engine could be very powerful for online wars/coops, with last TeamFusion patch is almost stable.
great damage model. (shooting well makes the difference)
the Bad
bad game interface
The Ugly
its unofficially unsupported, don’t know if netcode can support large player numbers apart from ATAG…

DCS p51/Dora
still learning it so preliminary feelings…
The Good
Nice flight model you really feel plane inertia and weight
cockpit and plane system details are amazing,
Should improve with DCS 2,0
the Bad
graphics and visual effect smoke/explosions are really bad
the Ugly
Damage model is good but i think it’s not accurate as clod/bos
ground handling is very tricky. I think it’s the most difficult of the 3. Steep learning curve. I like it, but know that for some this could be a drawback, still no WWII map, flying around skycrapers kill the immersion…

very few flight hours in it, so very preliminary feelings
(these new games/planes needs a lot of time to understand an gain confidence)
The Good
good graphic (better than dcs and worse than Clod), wonderful game interface, good support + active il2 forum community. Good FM and incredible ground handling of the aircraft. (Clod seems too forgiving, DCS too nervous, in BOS you can struggle to keep the plane straight but also make tailspins…) Nice DM model.
The Bad
You shoot an aircraft and 90% of the times you kill it with great Explosions or wonderful modelled smokes pouring out of the disabled aircraft… Weapons seems much more powerful than other fligh sims, maybe too much…
The Ugly
I’m a little fed of Russian scenario, all white landscape get boring soon…

I will update this post when i get more flight time in DCS and BOS…
hadn’t time/disk space to play War Thunder…

Hey A!

My initial thoughts did not bode well. I struggled with the almost “whiteout” scenery which makes navigation and targeting ground units very difficult indeed.

But then there is the FM, absolutely great, along with the DM. Even the engine sounds like it should. You dont hear the increase in RPM until approx 3 or 4 secs after opening the throttle and thats one of many touches I like.

As a ground pounder there are the usual targets, trucks and tanks and AAA etc. But during the flight I saw black smoke trails screaming into the blue yonder… a battery of Nebelwurfer rocket launchers would you believe! I took humbrance and rolled into them with RS82’s which dont aim too well. After missing them all I re armed with BRS 132’s and the Nebelwurfers were no more.

Next was a train. I must add this train and carriage is no slouch unlike the trains in IL2. This puppy had a full head of steam and was travelling at a respectable rate of knots through lines of trees, quite difficult to aim at and hit but I managed eventually.

As posted earlier, I think the player base already subscribed to BoS will outweigh the other WWII flight sims in the not too distant future.

Hope to hear & fly with you soon Apollo.

Take care.

Komrad Charlie.

Za Rodinu


Hmm really not sure when and where did you pull out this numbers, but every evening I see much higher numbers then this.

IL2 on HL shows about 100 or so players at evenings while I was still checking before summer, did not use it since summer and probably will not again since BOS is about to go gold soon.

Cliffs got usually at least 80ish players just on ATAG.

ROF yesterday had over 100 players in MP when I played, 60ish was on SYN, 40ish on Wargrounds and some 20ish on some DF server with icons.

With that said, any of these games are playable at evenings online IMHO.

Quite easy Cy.

In the 1st line where I typed “I just flew” at 11:40 on the 12th Sept 2014 is the main clue.

I played again today in the SYN server for BoS and it showed 51/51 players.

I’m getting into this game now.

Meh, semantics :smiley:

Ok, you seen those numbers at such hour, but I still find ROF playable with just enough players every evening (my main issue is that I am flying it solo atm, but will change that soon).

As for other sims, both BOS and Elite Dangerous look very healthy and positive at this time, so I must say I am happy games I am interested in are unlikely to flop judging from first reactions of players playing early access. If it all goes well, I am sure more good sims will be in the making soon enough (or better even sequels like ROF2 :D).