Iron Front: L44

Someone around for some teamplay?

Yes! Prefferrably in tanks. :slight_smile:

Had some tankaction yesterday on a small private server. Was big fun!
I crewed up on a Panther and we took position infront of a little village with open fields infront scattered with lines of trees.
After a while we heard a zooming sound and an impact right infront of us. WTF, where did that come from. More rounds coming in, all abit to short or offset. We are frantic scannning the treelines but can’t see something. Again and again scanning … there between the two bushes! The green Su85 is hard to see there. The battle ended with destroyed Su85, and heavy damaged Panther which had to be abandoned. Also some crew got killed from the impacts …

Tank would be good. Its actually why I bought it.
The ballistics seems allright, and it is not possible to maneuver a tank alone :banana:

Our Panther in the sights of the Su85

My first experience in online (combat) was in infantry. I can leave out the word combat because I barely made it to the combat zone and was killed every time without any possiblity to join a group. It was very easy for a few germans to hold a village from a few points. Very frustrating. An armoured vehicle on the bigger maps seems more fun.

Till Frdeay you can get this game for 10€ in the Steamshop. Also new patch with Tiger tank as christmas-present.